Dmitriy Nazarow

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Date of Birth: 07/04/1957

Age: 59

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Sambist, actor, showman

Author: Andrew Puminov

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Vociferous boy Dima Nazarov was born in Moscow July 4, 1957, and the memories of his mother, determined the fate of the newborn midwife said, `Oh, the actor will be!`. Dmitri really enjoyed reading aloud verses to perform on stage, he was involved in all matinees and holiday concerts. However, the boy grew low, Large and was quite immature - as long as thirteen years, first collided with human cruelty. When Dima came home with bought milk and bread, two overage dunce severely beat him in his own entrance, trampling all bought and away the remainder on delivery of a trifle. Heal the wounds from the beating, the boy went to a sports club `Dinamo` with difficulty persuaded the coach to record it in the section Sambo. Dmitry did not spark gap, won the competition - but just a year later, he not only increased its muscles, but also grew strongly, ahead of their peers. This love for the stage he had not diminished, and after graduation, the young man tried to pass the exams in high school theater - but failed.

Deciding to no longer to tempt fate, Dmitri went to work at the bakery. Acquired in childhood tenacity and perseverance have helped him there - this month the graduate school was the baker of the first category, and quickly was able to get such high qualifications as a confectioner of the fourth digit. It seemed that the future was quite successful and specific, but Dmitry decided to once again try to fulfill his childhood dream. He made a second attempt to assault admissions theater schools, and this time fate smiled at him - a skilled pastry chef became a student of acting department Schepkinskogo School (course of Korshunova).

Perseverance and hard work of Dmitry Nazarov did not leave him in his student years. He successfully studied all the details of the actor`s craft, and after graduation in 1980, was admitted to the troupe of the Maly Theater. Type `heroes` and a lot of talent allowed the young actor to successfully perform such roles as Danila-master in `Stone Flower`, APB in` Not all cat Shrovetide `Bob Lively in `The heart is not stone` and still many heroes of the classical repertoire (all 57 roles). Simultaneously Nazarov performed at other stages of the capital. In the theater `Sfera` he performed leading roles in productions of` Goodbye, Gulsary`, Chayka` `` Until the third petuhov`. In the Theater of the Soviet Army talented actor playing Othello and Satina, Benedict in Much Ado `nichego`, Erastus in` The heart is not kamen`. For her performance as Satin in the play `On dne` in 1988, Dmitry Nazarov was awarded` Crystal Turandot`.

In 1993, the actor was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia, and in 2000 he became a People`s Artist. Since 2002, Dmitry Nazarov works in Moscow Art Theatre. Chekhov, where a list of his roles include `Woland in The Master and Margarita `, Joseph II in` `Amadeus, Neschastlivtseva in the play` `Forest, black grouse in the` `Philistines and OE in 2005 for her performance as Neschastlivtseva actor was awarded` Seagull `.

For her roles in the movie Dmitry Nazarov long regarded as something secondary. In 1983, he starred in the documentary `` Living Memory, and then participated in several episodes of the films and dramas. The most notable early work in film Nazarov became short film `` Love on a raft (1996). At the same time a well-known actor has worked on the dubbing and dubbing: his voice saying the heroes of popular computer games, as well as the animated series `Duck istorii`` Chip `n Dale Rescue Rangers pomosch`, Fiksiki` `` Kruds` family and others.

Successful career Dmitri Nazarov on the screen coincided with the increase in interest in the serials. In 1998, he played the role of `` black gentleman in a historical drama `` At Daggers Drawn (1998), which was attended by such stars as Elena Mayorov, Stanislav Rostockiy, Irina Rozanova and others. This was followed by participation Nazarov in such works as `With the new happiness-2 `and` `Citizen of the head (both 2001), and the title role in the TV series` `Act (2002) made the actor a real star of TV series. Many accolades and also received his performance as chief of station - the protagonist of the miniseries `Vokzal` (2003). The great interest of the audience caused a mysterious detective series `` Call (2004), and its central character, Major Khromov, ably played by Dmitry Nazarov. Among the many well-known actor roles highlights the image of Yeltsin`s in the movie `Three days in avguste` (2011). The further rise in the popularity of Dmitry Nazarov contributed to his participation in the rating series `` Kitchen (since 2012), where he plays the role of a chef Barinov, and masterful presentation of the image of Gregory Sotnik in the popular series `` While the village is asleep (2013).

Last date works Nazarov steel mini-series `Ladoga road zhizni` and the film` Kitchen Parizhe`.

Dmitri Nazarov`s success on television contributed to his invitation to TV shows. From 2002 to 2008 he was the transfer of `Culinary poedinok` on NTV channel, and in 2009 was the leading channel program` Factory TVC mysli`. In 2013, Nazarov returned to the culinary theme and began to lead the show `Hungry igry` on TV` Pyatnitsa`, and in 2014 began to Recipe television project `million` on STS channel.

As for the personal life of the actor, that from his first marriage he had a daughter, Nina, who has borne him granddaughter Masha. His second wife, actress Olga Vasilyeva, Dmitry met at the Theatre of the Soviet Army, and then defended in the street by a bully. The family Nazarova Vasilyeva and two children - a son and daughter Arina Arseny.

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