Dmitriy Kozhevnikov

Picture of Dmitriy Kozhevnikov

Date of Birth: 1858

Age: 24

Place of birth: Kozlov

Citizenship: Russia


The son of a merchant, hereditary honorary citizen of Kozlov - Alexander Stepanovich Kozhevnikov and his wife Natalia Vasilievna. They had three children: besides Dmitry - elder brother Vladimir and sister Zinaida. After the death of his wife`s father had married Mary Fosdick Taranovsky; in this marriage I was born the son of Dmitry Grigoriy.Uchilsya in the 4th Moscow gymnasium. In 1878 he graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Moscow University, the first candidate of the natural separation; in 1882 he defended his master`s thesis vOdesse: "On the anatomy of flowering petaloid covers" (Odessa, 1881) .Along this published: