Dmitriy Golitsin

Picture of Dmitriy Golitsin

Date of Birth: 06/12/1860

Age: 67

Citizenship: Russia


Born in Wiesbaden, Germany, a representative of an ancient princely family. He graduated from the Imperial Alexandrovsky Lyceum (1881). After serving compulsory military service in the Life Guards Pavlovsky regiment joined the State Chancellery. In the 90 - Assistant Secretary of State. Board since 1902 Member of the Council of Minister of Education. Since 1906 comrade. Chief Commander, and on January 1. 1910 chief superintendent Own EIV Office of Empress Maria institutions. Honorary member Catherine rural guardianship orphanages (Tula Province.). In Apr. 1879 "Pictorial Review" published his first poem podpsevd. Dmitry Chertkov, since 1884 there are stories and novels (the most famous "tenor", "Baba," "darkness," "Miserable and elegant", "Ruble", "In solitude," "From the dim days," "Relics", etc. ).. The main theme of the works - the degeneration of the Russian aristocracy. In 1899 in St. Petersburg, his historical drama "Maxim sumbul" was staged. Enthusiastically received by the audience was the drama-tale book. "Koschey" Golitsyn. Many of his works were translated into foreign languages.

Member of the Board of adherents of Russian historical education in memory of Emperor Alexander III, Member Director of Literature and Art Society. In January. 1901 was elected Chairman of the Board of PC; this position was held until March 1906. The first honorary member of the PC. Honorary Chairman of the 1st All-Russian Congress of Russian People in St. Petersburg on February 8-12, 1906 (All-Russian Congress of Russian Assembly). In April 1912 he was appointed member of the State. Council, entered into the right group.

In 1920 he escaped from Soviet Russia, lived in Hungary, where in 1921 he was a representative of the Supreme Monarchist Council, and in 1922 led a representative. Vol. Kirill Vladimirovich, offers the latest to declare himself locum tenens See for example the Hungarian Admiral Horthy. Subsequently withdrew from political activity, still only in the printed editions of the monarchical. Output for monarchists seen primarily in the preservation of Orthodoxy in the hope in God`s mercy. At one time it was a famous literary secretary leader mladorosov AL Kazem-Bek. Bk. Golitsyn was one of the most active sponsors of the magazine "Double Eagle", where he published his articles and poems. "The day will come," With faith in the future revival of the Fatherland he wrote before his death poem:

"I came, will other dala,

I can, they pointed the way,


Let them hurry to the illustrious given,

To restore the greatness of Russia. "

He died in Hungary in Visegrad.