Dmitriy Gerasimov

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Citizenship: Russia


Dmitry Gerasimov (Mu & # 769; cha, "Ambassador Dmitry" Dmitry Tolma & # 769; h, Dmitry Schola & # 769; stick, Latinized name - Demetrius Erasmus, Latin Demetrius Erasmius, ca. 1465 - after 1535 and 1536..) - Russian scribe, diplomat, translator ( "interpreter Latin", as it calls the Nikon chronicle), scientist and theologian, one of the first intermediary between the European culture of the Renaissance and the Moscow government.

Originally believed to be from Novgorod (think so because of its stable relations with the Department of the Novgorod and began a career of Dmitry and his brother in the city), but the place of his birth is not known reliably. "Gerasimov" may be familial nickname and middle name [1] and the nickname of his elder brother by the name - also the scribe, the monk Gerasimos Popovka [2]. In childhood and early youth, Dmitri lived in Livonia and knew German, and later learned Latin and [3]. Then entered the inner circle of the Novgorod Archbishop Gennady Gonzova (deacon in which was his brother) in 1489 serves as a scribe - rewrites creation Athanasius for Cyril-Belozersky Monastery. The events of his biography 1490s established unreliable because of the problems of identification of several namesakes contemporaries (see. More details at the end).

In the first two decades of the XVI century interpreter Gerasimov served at the embassy courtyard (later the Order) and participated in the embassies of Vasily III in Sweden, Denmark, Norway [4], Prussia (to the great Master of the Order) and the Holy Roman Empire by Emperor Maximilian I (these missions allegedly confined to a number of well-known grand embassies 1510s). In a break between missions Gerasimov engaged in book and translation activities. April 9, 1525 Vasily III sent Gerasimov to Pope Clement VII with a letter, where in response to the pope`s embassy expressed his desire to participate in the league against the Muslims. In June and July of the same year, Dmitry was honorably received at the papal court and handed the pontiff from his grand name and sable fur, visited the Roman Senate, many visiting the city. About this time in Europe becoming known portrait of Basil III; perhaps it also prepodn