Dmitriy Galkovskiy

Picture of Dmitriy Galkovskiy

Date of Birth: 06/04/1960

Age: 56

Citizenship: Russia


From 1985 to 1988, he wrote a huge (70 sheets of copyright) book "Endless deadlock", which consisted of 949 "note" or, in other words, quite completed a reflection on a particular occasion. He made his debut in the press a short excerpt from this book ( "Literary Newspaper", 24. 04. 1991) and "Letter to Mikhail Shemyakin. On encyclopedia Vladimir Vysotsky "(" Nezavisimaya Gazeta ", 12. 11. 1991), in the preface to which the chief editor of" NG "Vladimir Tretyakov, wrote:" Galkovsky is certainly one of the most talented and the most "cruel" the younger generation of writers -intellektualov - generation is replacing "departed vovlast" sixties ... I think Galkovsky - genetically selected by the author of "NG".

The book "Endless deadlock" was in 1991-1994 fragments published in magazines and anthologies "Russian partnership" (with a foreword by W. Kozhinova), "Soviet literature", "Silentium", "Logos", "Our Contemporary" (with a preface in . Kozhinova), "Society", "The New world", "Continent". According to V. Kozhinova, she brought glory to the author, "the most outstanding writer and thinker of the younger generation" ( "Book Review", 6. 05. 1997). In response to the criticisms that have been regarded Galkovskaya as a "torrent of abuse" and "vicious abuse," he said that the cease all contacts with the Russian public, and intends to publish their own works - by samizdat.

"To G., - said in the autobiography of the writer, written in the third person - the intellectual activities of personal interest, but he did not need opponents and the more readers, did not need any finished result of his mental activity. All of his works were written for the realization of social and have no independent value. G. For the publication itself there is an error, an attempt to dialogue - still a big mistake. " In 1997 and 1998 he was twice released "Endless deadlock" in its publishing house "Samizdat" edition of 500 copies. Since 1996, he published not legally registered architectural magazine "Broken Compass" (published 3 rooms). Printed articles and book "Propaganda" (Wiley, 2002), was a collection of "Ugko-Speech: An Anthology of Soviet poetry" (Pskov, 2002). It publishes stories in the newspapers "Day of Literature