Dmitriy Bulgakov

Picture of Dmitriy Bulgakov

Citizenship: Russia

Patriot childhood

Since childhood, Dmitry was a true patriot; impact on this environment - his brothers were officers, uncle - the chief of the garrison, and a specialist in military training. When the news of the invasion of German troops, Bulgakov only upset because of what did not pass the army age. The situation at the front, however, quickly tempered his ardor - the Red Army was clearly in serious condition. Over time, the front line moved toward the native village of Dmitry; after some time began the occupation.

The insurgency in the area did not work; someone gave the Nazis soldiers, and very soon all members of the resistance were killed. The leader of the movement, one Grigoriev, first secretary of the district Party Commissariat, was hiding in one of the local houses; it also tracked down and arrested; while attempting to escape shot Grigorieva.

The Germans settled in the area quite hard; in the villages, at their request had been elected mayor, formed Institute team leaders, the police and the gendarmerie. Main repression, however, started later, by 1943 the ninth year. After the defeat at Stalingrad, the Germans were forced to retreat to start; began massive troop movements. After a while, over the area of ??the leaflets were dropped on the victory of our troops; This, of course, greatly raised the morale of the locals. The Germans tried desperately to establish local infrastructure - to clear the roads, speed up the approach of reinforcements; Of course, as a free labor force is mainly used by locals.

It was at this time in Bulgakov had a serious conflict with the new power - he refused to give the Germans a horse. Fortunately, the police are reviewing the case turned out to be familiar Dmitri Efimov, and helped to hush up the case; horse, however, failed to recapture.

By the end of February, the Germans left the area; to be replaced by red. Dmitry, of course, immediately went to the assembly point - although age has not yet passed, to stay away from the fighting he did not want. Assigned Bulgakov connected at the headquarters; his other friends were not so lucky - they were put in the infantry, almost immediately captured by the Germans.

Dmitry has replaced a number of military occupations. By March 1944th The situation returned to normal in the area, and part of it was disbanded.