Dmitriy Borisov

Picture of Dmitriy Borisov

Date of Birth: 08/15/1985

Age: 31

Place of birth: Chernivtsi

Citizenship: Russia


Born August 15, 1985 in the city of Chernovtsy (Ukraine). He spent his childhood in Panevezys (Lithuania), went to school in Moskve.Zakonchil in 2007, the historical-philological faculty of the Russian State Humanitarian University with a degree in philology, a specialist on the history, culture and literature of Russia and Germany. Are profile deals with the French drama. After graduation, he entered the graduate school RGGU.S age of 16 years he worked at the radio station "Echo of Moscow" in the service information (first editor, then - the leading news) also led along with Alexander Ivy nightly music program "Silver", later transformed in the evening program "Argentum", and then - in the "Travel". Yuri Borisov, the game Shostakovicha.mpg in March 2006, Dmitry Borisov was invited to the first channel, was the first to lead the morning and then afternoon and evening newscasts. In 2008 he was awarded the prize for best TV presenter TV season. Since 2011, also conducts an information program "Time" .The main employment on Channel - big "Evening News" at 18:00.

Dmitry Borisov at the vote in the Echo of Moscow radio station in 2005 godu.Aleksandr Ivy (left), Xenia Turkova (center), Dmitry Borisov (right) .Dmitry Borisov leads Echo of Moscow radio station. November 2005.Dmitry Borisov leading radio station Ekho Moskvy and makes a smile. April 2005.Dmitry Borisov in the studio radio station Echo of Moscow. January 2007.Dmitry Borisov in 2007 godu.Dmitry Borisov (left) and Sergey Lazarev (on the right). Dmitry Borisov (left) and Oleg Skripka (right) in an interview on radio station Echo Moskvy.Anton Mercury, Ivan Shapovalov, Dmitry BorisovNatalya Podolski (right ) and Dmitry Borisov (left).