Dmitrii Ilovaysky

Picture of Dmitrii Ilovaysky

Date of Birth: 1832

Age: 92

Citizenship: Russia


Ilovajskij, Dmitri Ivanovich - historian and publicist. He was born in 1832. Educated at the University of Moscow. He received a master`s degree of "History of the Ryazan principality" (Wiley, 1858; reprinted in "Collected Works", 1884), a doctorate - for "The Grodno Sejm of 1793" (Wiley, 1870). Not long was an associate in the Department of General History at Moscow University. Holding the presentation of the general course of Russian history, Ilovajskij made a determined opponent of the Norman theory and extremely skeptical about the early chronicles pore Russian history, proving that in the annals partly reflected the mood and interests of the Kievan princes. Distinguishing Vikings and Rus Rus Ilovajskij is not in the north, as the Vikings, and in the south, where he, in addition to Kiev, put forward Tmutarakan. Before unification of Russia under the rule of the native home of Kiev (in the middle of the X century) Ilovajskij denied the possibility of free movement on it in general and in particular for the Vikings and, therefore, participate in the commercial, military and political life of the country. Conclusions Ilovaisky gradually included in the canon of Russian historical science; mnogiezhe particular they should be reexamined and possibly rejected. Much weaker attempts Ilovaisky otozhestvit Russia with Roxolans and prove Slavic Bulgarians, Huns, Yatvingians - attempt, based in part on extremely risky onomastic encounters. Article Ilovaisky by Varangian Russian issue connected to "Researches on the beginning of Russia" (Moscow, 1876 and 1882), then two, so-called additional controversies (Wiley, 1886 and 1892). The extensive "History of Russia" Ilovaisky began to appear from 1876, and stood at Peter`s reign (5 volumes, 1876 - 1905). Refusing to old age on its continuation, Ilovajskij essay "Peter the Great and Prince Alexei" began in the "Kremlin" (