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Goodbye, CC!Termination of the Russian telepokaza legendary "SantaBarbara" almost coincided with the anniversary of the actor Jed Allan -. The role of the artist no less than the legendary CC Capwell in March Jed turned 65, but he looks much younger We met a few times. and everywhere (whether it be a film set of the series "Beverly Hills 90210 "or party at Chuck Norris himself) Jed with genuine warmth recalled his trips to Moscow and communicating with Russian audiences.

"Santa Barbara" - not "soap"!

- "Santa Barbara" is so firmly entered the life of the Russians,many were even ready to go to a protest against the termination of the show under the slogan "In Russia there is no life without CC!".

- I really appreciate the kindness of your viewers to the series. Actually, I think "Santa Barbara" is not a soap opera, and contemporary psychological drama. -Naskolyko pohozhi in harakteru businessman Si Si Kepvell and akter Jed Allah?

- Dumayu, Chto ocheny pohozhi. Oh, how and Si Si, lyublyu horoshuyu Edu, stilynuyu odezhdu and nadeyusy, neploho razbirayusy in Lyudyani. Righteousness Kepvell luchshe ponimaet in business, but it on and kaliforniyskiy tycoon!

-Prodolzhaete you vy podderzhivaty relationship with someone`s akterami, to play "Santa Barbara"?

- Of course. And I`m always very happy successes of my former colleagues. For example, Robin Wright Penn (Kelly Capwell) has made a fine film career,but hey Martinez (Cruz Castillo) and Marcy Walker (Eden Capwell) continued successfully acting on television.

The actor, athlete, musician

- How started your career -? I was born and raised in New York in a family of musicians. In California, I moved in 1967having already had acting training and experience in several Broadway productions. A year later I debuted on television in the famous TV series "Lassie" and also took part in my first movie, called "Ice Station" Zebra ".But attention I attracted in 1971, when he received one of the main roles in the TV series "Days of Our Lives,"Which at that time was very popular in the United States.

- Knowing your friendship with Chuck Norris, I would like to learn how to treat actors - athletes?

- I`m really very warm feel about Chuck, and I thinkthat "Texas Rangers", he demonstrates not only masterly possession of martial arts, but also to the good acting skills.I am sure that those actors, athletes who have achieved real success in show business very seriously and have long studied acting. And there may be mentioned in addition to Chuck and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean - Claude Van DammeAnd Steven Seagal and Wesley Snipes. By the way, Van Damme once starred in "Santa Barbara." However,if we did not know that with us the future hero of the militants. ..

- You `re in great shape. How often do sports?

- About three times a week I train in a small gym, which is located in my home. I also like to spend time on my own golf course.

- And your family. ..

- My wife`s name is Toby. We got married in 1958. By the way,in the same year I got my first job in the theater. And I have three sons, Toby Mitch (actor), Dean (lawyer) and Rick (the writer). Of course, they have long made me happy grandfather, who has grandchildren and granddaughter.

- What`s your hobby?

- In addition to the named game of golf is a fishing trip. And my passion for music,I believe inheritance (paternal). It gives me great joy to play the piano. Well, the least I was interested in the process of cooking. And what? When I was almost a joke video tutorial released "Cook with pleasure", it immediately became a hit!

- When I talked to Toby, she told me that your ancestors were immigrants from Eastern Europe.Not because Russia Do?

- Nearly. My grandparents on the maternal side were from Kiev.And the ancestors of most Toby were emigrants from czarist even Latvia. For the first time we visited with my wife and in Russia and in the Baltic States in the mid- 90s and were very pleased. Later, I repeatedly came to your country

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