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Originalnoe name: Josh Devis

Original name: Josh Davis


Californian Josh Davis ,better known to the world as DJ Shadow, in a sense, a missionary of hip-hop.

Not one that `s hot - with fingers spread aggressively in the rings, with a gun at the ready, homophobia in every word, and machine-gun fire " fakov ". DJ Shadow - Musician another warehouse, he sympathizes with the pioneers of hip-hop ,to seek new forms and new sounds, - Public Enemy, Run-DMC, Grandmaster Flash. .. Not wishing to participate in the broadcast captivated Vanity Fair, he chose the path of the experimenter and creates a luxurious sound palette, sparkling new shades, rich samples and DJ bells and whistles impregnated with echoes of ambient, trip-hop and dance electronics.

A native Californian city of Sacramento, Josh Davis spent his childhood in a different corner of California - Hayward, a suburb of San Francisco, where his family lived in a relatively neat area for the middle class. No benevolent to rockers Californian sun or trendy in the 80`s hard-Rock did not make willful teenager triumvirate carried away rumbling of drums, bass and guitar. Instead, he imbued hot interest in hip-hop, is interested in DJ subculture, learning to wield a vinyl record and mix the record. The main characters of its library - the pioneers of hip-hop innovators and experimenters Eric B. & Rakim,Ultramagnetic and, of course, Public Enemy - those groups, which had its own DJ.

While still in school, Josh Davis began recording their first items on the home recorder. But just entered the university, he started making music professionally. And even opened his own label Solesides,securing full creative independence. Among the musical concerned students grouped around the university radio station, Josh found a lot of new friends, including a few b-boys (in the future - wards his label) . Using them in the 1991 godu 18-Summer Davis began to publish a series on cassette music collections "Reconstructed From the Ground Up" with his mixes. In 91-92 years he is working with Hollywood Records company as a producer and composer. And in 1993, publishes the first major work - the 17 - minute " symphony " in the style of hip- hop "Entropy".His recordings are widely divergent in underground circles and among DJs. And as usual get the managers of the London label Mo` Wax. In America, the early 90`s such an experimental instrumental hip- hop no one was interested, so the priority in the opening of DJ Shadow belongs to the British. Trial singles "In / Flux" and "Lost and Found (S.F.L.)",which musician recorded for Mo` Wax, represented as the press wrote, a "mini - masterpieces combining elements of funk, rock, hip-hop, ambient, jazz, soul and most unexpected ingredients. " In 1995, in the discography of DJ Shadow appeared a massive 40 - minute fabric in four parts of "What Does Your Soul Look Like", published in EP format.The disc topped the British Independent chart and opened the green light for the coming of the great achievements of DJ Shadow.

Musician really set a very high bar, which is confirmed by his debut album "Endtroducing. ..", published in 1996. Critics of Europe and the United States were quite unanimous in their assessment of the album, " a hybrid of beauty and paranoia "that " sounded like no other record at the time. " Choosing hip- hop, not as an instrument of social protest, but as an innovative style, a musician composed the entire album from foreign samples, mostly taken from old vinyl records. From this intriguing collage, a solution of all genres and mix all the colors ,It comes something completely new, unpredictable, but vaguely familiar, thanks to the strong " historical " foundation.

In 1997 posolidnevshy Solesides label, which the actor all this time continued to patronize and develop, changed its name to Quannum Projects. The first release of the updated company became a great collector ,includes recordings of many underground talents : Jurassic 5, Divine Styler, Souls of Mischief, Poets of Rhythm and others.

In 1998, the earliest records of DJ Shadow, is not known to the public, his first singles and another unreleased tracks have been combined in a collection of "Preemptive Strike". If the debut album, as often happens ,music fans mostly watched, but now they have kept your eyes open. "Preemptive Strike" was marked in the pop charts in England and the United States, and American independent rating Heatseekers made it to the first position.

Although DJ Shadow never sang and does not own any of the tool, it is able to almost everything in the field of electronic music. After 90-s CEO Mo` Wax James Lavelle (James Lavelle) trusts him producing some wards of the label, including his own trip- hop group UNKLE. DJ Shadow worked on their debut album UNKLE "Psyence Fiction", which was created as the soundtrack for a documentary about the New York homeless. True,despite the presence of numerous stars (Thom Yorke (Thom Yorke), lead singer of Radiohead, Richard Ashcroft (Richard Ashcroft), ex -Verve, Mike D of the Beastie Boys), Long-play turned out mediocre, and the fate of future records entrusted to another producer team.

But a close creative relationship with Thom Yorke continued. Being a sincere fan of Radiohead, DJ Shadow has spent more than one day in the studio, prodyusiruya new group composition.

For all these classes the musician was once densely sit in the studio and finish their second album. Since its debut, it passed six years, until the summer of 2002, a new Long-play "The Private Press".Hardly DJ fans were right to be disappointed. DJ Shadow again worked in the style of " patchwork ", which is in store for the series is absolutely unique samples. Producer`s unerring instinct and craving for non-standard decisions allowed him to masterfully manipulate the samples with any pedigree, whether melancholic pop music 60`s, disco,elektrobity, piano, string orchestra, or the noise of street fights.

This cleverly -engineered pastiche declared itself in time and very confident. The two hit singles, "Six Days" and "You Can`t Go Home Again", launched in the US dance charts with the first and second rows. Under the friendly hum of satisfied reviewers of LongI play a very comfortable feel in the ranking of the Billboard 200 and went into the top three leaders of the electronic chart. The album "The Private Press" - guaranteed admission DJ Shadow in the range of extra- producers.

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