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Birthday : 11.10.1972 year

Age: 43 year

Place of birth : Monticello, Indiana, United States

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Darren Jay Ashba

Original name: Darren Jay Ashba


He is known for his work with the groups and `BulletBoys` ` Beautiful Creatures`. He has worked with such rock bands as `Motley Crue`,` Drowning Pool`, as well as with artists such as Marion Raven (Marion Raven),Aimee Allen (Aimee Allen) and Neil Diamond (Neil Diamond).

He currently holds the position of guitarist in the hard rock group `Sixx: A.M.` and ` Guns N` Roses`.

Daren Jay Dee ` Dzhey` Ashba was born November 10, 1972, in Monticello, Indiana (Monticello, Indiana). Soon after he moved to Darren Ferberi, Illinois (Fairbury, Illinois),his father left the family. Growing up, Ashba began learning to play various musical instruments, including drums and electric guitar. Due to the religious beliefs of his mother was no television in the family, so the future musician was a lot of time to practice his guitar skills.

In the 16 years he spent a year with his father in Logansport ,Indiana (Logansport, Indiana), and went back to his mother. On his sixteenth birthday Daren received an unusual gift from his father - he got on his first show, a group `Motley Crue` during their tour ` Girls, Girls, Girls Tour`. In 19 years Ashba packed up and went to his mini- van to Hollywood (Hollywood).He managed to become a member of the group `Barracuda`, with which he toured for two years. In 1996, Darren Jay released his first album `Addiction to the Friction`, and in 1998 joined the glam - metal band ` BulletBoys`. Imennouduchi in the new band he met Joe Leste (Joe Leste) from the group `Bang Tango`,`BulletBoys` thrown together with Leste together a new band in 1999.

The new team, called `Beautiful Creatures` signed a contract with the company ` Warner Bros.` and on August 14 th 2001, issued a self-titled debut album, produced by the group of `Marilyn Manson` supported by Shaun Bevan (Sean Beavan). One of the tracks from the album ,` 1 A.M.`, became the soundtrack to the horror film ` Holy Day Valentina` (`Valentine`). February 13, 2

002, the band `Beautiful Creatures` announced that Ashba left its ranks.

Darren has created a new solo project, a group `ASHBA`, by 2006 th by participating in writing to ` Funny Farms` studio with Nikki Sixx (Nikki Sixx). With him Dee - Jay wrote the song ,I recorded them and played well together, and collaborated with the singer Marion Raven (Marion Raven), which Sixx has previously worked. In March 2007, Nike recorded track `Reason I`m Alive` for the new album of hard rock group ` Drowning Pool` called `Full Circle`; the song was produced by, as he

Six and Ashba. A native of Monticello released critically acclaimed album `The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack` on behalf of the group ` Sixx: A.M.`, the composition of which is complemented by Nikki Sixx and James Michael (James Michael). The single `Life is Beautiful` fell to second place in the chart ` Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks`. In April 2009, the Six and Michael confirmed that the work in the studio ,writing new material, whereas on 23 March Ashba has announced that becomes the new guitarist `Guns N` Roses`, replacing Robin Finck (Robin Finck), who returned to the group

`Nine Inch Nails`.

DJ went on tour with the band `Guns N` Roses` during their tour ` Chinese Democracy` 19 December 2009 ,playing on the long- time concert at the site `Tokyo Dome` - 3:00 37 minutes. At that time it was not clear whether there is Ashba participate in recording the next album, or to restrict the role of the touring musician.

As for the other projects in 2003, Darren Jay founded the creative agency `Ashba Media, Inc.`.Ashba also worked as a web designer and sound producer

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