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Birthday : 30.03. 1973

Age: 36 years

Place of birth : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, SShAData death : 29.08.2009 godaMesto death : New York, USA

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Adam Michael Golshteyn

Original name: Adam Michael Goldstein


Known in the United States, Club DJ, whose real name is Adam Michael Holstein. Extremely creative person and surprisingly multi-faceted man.

DJ AM was born on March 30, 1973, in Philadelphia (PA) . His creative nature manifested itself quite early - in early childhood, Adam showed a passion for music.

When the next DJ has reached a certain age ,he became a member of one of the most talented musical rock bands. Musicians often played, gradually gaining popularity and fanatical love of fans.

After some time, DJ AM began to appear frequently in public. He participated in the creation of music albums of pop stars as well - playing at private events ,which were of great importance in the career of Adam Goldstein.

Subsequently, the musician has collaborated with such famous personalities as Travis Barker, for example. Travis is a very talented drummer and once played in a band Blink- 182, as well as - 44. Adam Holstein lobbied at various stages. His creativity crepe day to day - musician diligently perfecting his own skills.

Currently, musician and DJ is the owner of his own fashion the LAX club, and - working in one of the nightlife of Las Vegas, which has concluded a one-year kotrakt. In fact, music is the main activity of Adam Goldstein, as well as - with passion and enthusiasm. However - is not the only one. For example, DJ DJ AM addicted to sports shoes. For a long time diligently Holstein sneakers collects a variety of models, but only the manufacturer Nike. In the current period in the musician`s collection of more than six hundred pairs, including a pair that was created specifically for the musician - Nike Air Force 1.

Personal life musician and DJ is full of exciting emotions. For some time Goshteyn was in a relationship with a real star television - Nicole Richie. However far these relations have not advanced. Adam and Nicole broke up, and soon DJ AM had met another woman, with whom he is still. Name betrothed musician Adam Goldstein - Mandy Moore. It - very popular and talented singer. Lovers repeatedly disagreed - in their opinion forever, but - for a while.

In September 2008-musician of the year had an accident. He was severely wounded (his body was in serious burns) , but soon (in late September) Holstein recovered and was sent back home - home

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