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One of the best jazz-rock bands, "Dixie dregs", skillfully combined in his work with the virtuoso technique of eclecticism and an impeccable sense of humor, which is often lacking in similar projects.

Guitarist Steve Morse and basushnik Andy West started its activities in a typical school team ,which bore the name "Dixie grit". When Morse kicked out for refusing to be cut out of the ordinary school, he moved from Georgia to Miami, where he enrolled in a music school. There`s Steve met with violinist Allen Sloan, who played in the local Philharmonic, and drummer Rod Morgenshteynom. The three boys became friends and eventually decided to form his own group.

Bass guitarist did not have to look, because this position with pleasure took Andy West. Complete the formation of the composition of "Dixie dregs" keyboardist Steve Davidovskaya. In 1975, the band recorded their first album "The great spectacular", but to publish it did not really succeed.

Dixie DregsKogda guys finished his studies in 1976 ,Quintet actively campaigned in the southern US. While "Dixie dregs" opened concerts "Sea level" ihvystuplenie was seen representatives of "Capricorn records", and the company offered the musicians a contract. Before the release of the official debut of Steve Davidovskaya replaced by former participants of "Dixie grit" Mark Parrish. And if "Free fall" was slightly damp, then the next year, "Dixie dregs" were given one of their best records, "What if". Also in 1978, the band appeared on the "Montreux Jazz Festival" with a new keyboardist Terry Lawica. Fragments of the performances in the future were to disk "Half of night of the living dregs".In 1982, Sloan took place outstanding violinist Mark O`Connor, the team came second vocalist, and the band`s name was reduced to "The dregs". Under this name, the band released two albums ("Unsung heroes" and "Industry standard"), and then safely decayed.

Dixie Dregs Steve Morse has organized the project, and then in a series of art- vllsyarockers of "Kansas". Rhode Morgenshteyn worked for a time with the pop - metallers "Winger". Short reunion group took place in 1988, when the "Dregs" played a few concerts. More serious comeback took place four years later, when he went live album "Bring` em back alive ", recorded during an extended tour.Location Andy West, this time held by colleague Steve "Steve Morse band" Dave Larue. Sloan appeared briefly and soon gave way to the violin Jerry Goodman of "Mahavishnu orchestra".

The team released a studio album, "Full circle", and then there was a lull in her camp. To a large extent this was due to the factSteve Morse was invited into the "Deep purple". However, in 2000, the guitarist managed to find time for "Dixie dregs", and together with his colleagues recorded the live album "California screaming".

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