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Chicago nu- metal band "Disturbed" its appearance in the world is obliged to two former musicians "Vandal",guitarist and bassist Don Doneganu fuzz. The company made these guys vocalist David Draymen and drummer Mike Uengren. Ascent Group to the musical Olympus was pretty swift.

As soon as the guys to write just one demo, they have proved to be in the pocket of a contract from the "Giant records", subsidiary "Warner bros" division. Shortly after this event, in the spring of 2000 in the light came first creation " alarmed " - album "The sickness".

Aggressive metal laced with electronics, made a strong impression on the audience. Like the audience and singing Draymena, who could not only scream, growl and scream, but just sing. DisturbedAlbom decorated with such things as "Droppin` plates", "The game", "Stupify", "Meaning of life" and " Shout 2000" (a cover of the hit "Tears for fears"). Composition "Stupify", which was filmed a video clip, and was published as a single. Following the release of "The sickness" took the inevitable tour, contributed full promotion group. trueOn the European dates with "Marilyn Manson" was unable to attend Fuzz, hurt his ankle, and he substituted for Marty O`Brien ("Kilgore", "Methods of Mayhem"). In the summer of 2001, "Disturbed" took part in the traditional Ozzfest.

The popularity of the team by that time grown so much ,that the organizers of the festival moved from the opening group closer to the headliners "Black Sabbath", and the song " Fear " got to the collection " the Ozzfest 2001".

Disturbed While sales of the first album crosses over the mark "double platinum " musicians of the second baked pancake called "Believe".In this release, " Disturbed`s " tried to do sound pomelodichnee, and even vocals Draymena became a little " cleaner ". This course does not mean loss of quality, but on the contrary marked the pursuit group to new stages of mastery. Main disk song, "Prayer",published as soon as the single hit the airwaves and spent ample time. The album debuted himself in the American charts at number one, and in the first week it sold three hundred thousand copies of "Believe".

At this stage, the team is able to afford to act as headliners. In 2002-m "Disturbed" led tour "Music as a weapon", which was also attended by "Drowning pool", "Adema", "Stereomud" and "Systematic".

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