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Born of inspiration different movies and cartoons company `Walt Disney`,jewelery brand `Disney Couture` launched an interesting and fashionable licensed jewelry line. For the design of unique Disney ornaments meet some of the most popular artists, including Kidada Jones (Kidada Jones) and Tom Binns (Tom Binns).

The range of goods `Disney Couture` includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings ,key rings and much more. Naturally, the parties could not stay and iconic Disney characters such as Bambi, the fairy Tinker Bell, Alice, the little mermaid Ariel, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Snow White, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.

Surreal world of Lewis Carroll (Lewis Carroll) from the story - tale ` Alice in chudes` (` Alice in Wonderland`),among others, presented a necklace with a pendant - thematic bottle with a platinum coating. On the bottle engraved known all over the word ` Drink menya`. For a collection of `Charms` designers have made Cinderella necklace, necklace with miniature gilded coach, pumpkin and a little ` Crystal with a crystal bashmachok` `Swarovski`.

Ring with WinniePooh, for example, will cost about $ 60, while gold-plated long earrings in the form of hooks, with black laces and crystals will cost about 45-50 USD. These earrings were made in honor of ` Pirates of the Caribbean franchise morya` (` Pirates of the Caribbean`). Jewellery `Disney Couture` gladly worn by celebrities from around the world.

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