Dina Korzun

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Date of Birth: 04/13/1971

Age: 45

Place of birth: Smolensk

Citizenship: Russia


Winner of the prize for Best Actress at the Film Festival in Thessaloniki (2001, for the film "The Last Refuge")

The first work

Initially, Dina Korzun studied at the Faculty of graphic arts of the Smolensk Pedagogical Institute. But then he entered the Moscow Art Theatre School in the course of AB Pokrovskaya.

In the movie, she started acting in 1994. Her debut was in the role of Marguerite parable Pod`yapol`skii "It is within the walls." But until the 1998 Dean`s nothing significant has not played.

Meanwhile, in the theater, the actress had notable successes. She won a Moscow theater audience, playing on stage at the Moscow Art Theater Katerina "Storm."

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Dina Korzun picture
Dina Korzun photo