Dilorom Kambarova

Picture of Dilorom Kambarova

Date of Birth: 04/27/1957

Age: 59

Place of birth: Margelan

Citizenship: Uzbekistan


Winner of the All-Union Film Festival in the category "The second prize for acting work for 1975"

Winner of the first prize for the female role in the All-Union Film Festival in Yerevan (1978, for the film "The House in the hot sun")

70 years

Dilorom Kambarova started acting in movies since fifteen years. In his first film, she played a major role. It was a young Uzbek Aigul in an action movie directed by Ali Khamraeva "Seventh Bullet".

Two years later, Dilorom officially became an actress studio "Uzbekfilm". Here, she starred in the historical-biographical film "Abu Rayhan Beruni" adventure film "Beach Fire", a poetic drama "Man goes for the birds" and other paintings. For the role of a young girl in the psychological drama Nazira George Bzarova and Zinovy ??Roizman "House under the hot sun," Dilorom was udostoenapervogo prize at the TCF-78 (Yerevan).

One of the most memorable works of the young actress had a role in the adventure film "Pirates of the twentieth century" (1979), staged by Boris Durov in the film studio. Gorky.

80 - 90 years

In 1982 she graduated from the VGIK Dilorom, acting workshop Gerasimov and T. Makarova. She continued to appear in various studios. Among the most famous works Kambarova - role in "Chance" fantastic comedy, adventure film "Mystery of Madame Wong" socio-psychological drama "In the second round."

Since the beginning of the 90s the actress did not act in films.