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Mixing a new school hardcore, prog metal and free jazz in a cocktail ,group "Dillinger Escape Plan" became a pioneer of the genre, later christened " math metal ". The team was formed in March 1997 on the ruins of the hardcore band "Arcane", but in its original line-up includes Ben Weinman (guitar) , Adam Dall (bass) , Chris Penn (drums) and Dimitri Minakakis (vocals) . Armed with a simple desire to satisfy the most avid critics (ie themselves) , the band began writing material, and soon they had a ready mini -CD, composed of six songs. As for live performances ,the "Dillinger Escape Plan" made it a rule to appear regularly in the underground clubs and other haunts of vice of the American Northeast and Midwest.

At the end of 1997, there was a part of a second guitarist, John Fulton, and his participation was recorded demo "Under The Running Board". Sessions ,in the past "Trax East Studios" resulted in an eight- clot primitive energy, multiplied by the astounding complexity of the moves and high technique.

Dillinger Escape Plan "Under The Running Board" provoked a storm of enthusiasm and has been marked by many publications as one of the best releases of 1998. Meanwhile, rumors of violent concerts "Dillinger Escape Plan" spread like wildfire, and soon the entire east coast was under the power of " Dillinger ". The culmination of the "live" activity of the period was the brilliant performance of the group at the "Milwaukee Metalfest". In November 1998, Fulton was replaced by Brian Benoit ,and soon after that the team has got the contract from "Relapse Records". In the summer of 1999, the team was again in "Trax East Studios", where under the guidance of Steve Evettsa undertaken for the preparation of their debut album.

The result of a two-year marathon, " Dillinger " became drive "Calculating Infinity", broke the already well-established genre borders. Among barely controlled chaos musicians managed ponapihali elements of jazz and fusion than simultaneously amused and puzzled critics. Such an unusual debut attracted the attention of other fans of " cocktails ", "Mr. Bungle", and those invited "Dillinger Escape Plan" to his warm-up.

Dillinger Escape Plan 45-day US tour together both teams contributed to a significant increase in the army of mathematical metal fans. He also became a prelude to the eighteenth months world tour "DEP", during which the band performed in the company of "Papa Roach", "Blink- 182 ", "A.F.I.", "Pennywise" and many others. While the musicians were wound around the world ,firm "Now or Never Records" re-released the first CD, finishing off his few live tracks. 2000 "Dillinger Escape Plan" completed as headliners, playing a significant portion of the sets in Europe and Japan with new bassist Liam Wilson. In early 2001, the team has appeared at a number of prestigious festivals ,after which she had to say goodbye to Minakakisom.

After a long search new frontman "DEP" I became Greg Pusiato, however EP "Irony is a dead scene" 2002 vocals performed by Mike Patton ("Faith No More", "Mr. Bungle"). The second full-length album, " Dillinger " was released in the summer of 2004 ,but he became the " Chartova " and commercially successful edition in the history of "Relapse Records" (106th place in the "Billboard" and 11 thousand copies in the first week) .

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