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Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States


Since their appearance in the underground, as the pioneers of Los Andzhelestskoy rap scene ,Dilated Peoples have become one of the most challenging and memorable bands.

Neighborhood Watch- most anticipated, the third release of Capitol Records, is the cry of the three artists in this group. Vividly remembered in their compositions inspired bits, bright and lively wordplay. Such tracksas the "Big Business" and energetic song "This Way" is a proof of the power of rap in its purest form -. two skilled MC and extremely resourceful DJ " The song is a continuation of the music Dilated Peoples," reported by Evidence, " but at the same time, I feel that this is the best record than they were the previous two. I thinkit shows the power and eternity of our music. "

"This is a still image, war hymns and political poetry, " Rakaa claims, " It`s still a big bits. But let us hope that we have done well as rappers, actors and as people. "

" We are a group that is constantly evolving, " says DJ Babu." We always try to learn something new from this game. "

If their previous album, which was released in 2001. Expansion Team - showed these performers as people creating their own style in the world around them, Neighborhood Watch vice versa. It shows the performers carrying all of the world to his work, focusing their outlook on LosAngeles. "Everything that we have done, shows the philosophy of our songs, " says Rakaa, " These formulations suggest that where we come from " (where it all began, approx.) .

Hometown group immortalized in the album, Neighborhood Watch, and the song of the album " 1580 skit", named after the Los Andzhelestskoy KDAY AM radio station ,which for the first time sounded the group composition.

" This radio station was to play foreign songs, but they also had to put people like Run DMC and the KRC-One. It was, as you know, different styles, different tastes than in this part of the country. They gave us this so that we can feel. This is the placewhere we got such an attitude to the traditions, " he explained Rakaa. This spirit has defined work Dilated Peoples from the very first day, beginning with "The Platform" album, which debuted in 2000. The trio has made it a mission to make rap roots strong.

With this in mind, Dilated Peoples decided to start cooperation with the label, under the name Kayne.He is known for such artists as Jay-Z, DMX, Ludacris, Talib Kweli, and some others. West was recruited prdyussirovat their first single, rising thus, "This Way". In addition to the west, Dilated were joined in the studio by some person Alchemist, executive producer of the label" We spoke with different producers and Kanye was someone who everyone loved, " - said Rakaa. " We wanted to do something unusual, not like the fact that we always do, and it was the way we thought, a man who can do quality work is not similar to our earlier ". "This Way defines one of the most pronounced of the album, the same growth and self- improvement. Rakaa also explained : " This song is about the fact that if you are not on the right track, you can get up and strive for something better. " "Creativity is something that always makes people ," - Babu said. "Even at the time,when we do not write, I Ev constantly coming up with new bits. We are always working on our next song. Obviously, for me, being a DJ is to maintain your own style. We store our latest work for the future of our group. "

Currently Neighborhood Watch is the heart of the group, also have guests ,which appeared as a MS, such as Planet Asia, Defari, Phil Da Agony. Among the album is released song Poisons, which was created in the style of Devin De Dude.

" Devin is a person with whom we really want to work. He was surprisingly wild style - he showed he was reading. We can say that he did it from the heart "-said Evidence.

With an album Neighborhood Watch, self-esteem and quality of the songs increased one more level, being something of a fuel for the group.

"The group goes up and down the escalator very quickly. The child, who was 5 years ago 6 years, has reached the age of eleven and is part of our creativity. We are constantly seeking ,people to hear us. "

"The beauty of Dilated Peoples - this is what we seek, but have not yet reached ", - added the Evidence. "We have always tried to build on the things that we have already made, following a unique thing. "

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