Diego Kan

Picture of Diego Kan

Date of Birth: 1440

Age: 46

Place of birth: Vila Real

Citizenship: Spain


At the end of 1481 King John II sent under the command of Diogo D`Asambuzha flotilla to the Gold Coast, to found a colony.

D`Asambuzh fort built Elmina Castle ( "Mine of St. George."), Abbreviated - Mina (also often Elmina), in an area where large gold deposits were found. For the development of gold mining had many slaves; of Mines sent ships to the south in search of new areas to hunt for people.

The expedition D`Asambuzha captain of one of the caravels was Diego Kahn. On it there is very little information. Coming in 1482 from the harbor of Mina and rounded Cape Lopez (Mr. south latitude), Kahn was then along the coast to the south-east about 700 kilometers. Thus, he has completed the opening of the Gulf of Guinea. In this area, water color differed sharply from the ocean, was desalinated and Kahn correctly concluded that it is located near the mouth of some very large rivers it was discovered the mouth of the Congo. At 6