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The Boston team "Diecast" appeared, to the delight of fans of hurricane mixture of hardcore and modern metal in 1997.

The Boston team "Diecast" appeared, to the delight of fans of hurricane mixture of hardcore and modern metal in 1997. The group included : Jeremy Wooden (bass)Colin Schleifer (vocals) and Jason Costa (drums). This year, the first demo, which were later included on their debut album "Undo The Wicked", released in 1998 through the label "Samson Records" were recorded. "Diecast" Group started its first performances in local clubs and soon went on the first tour with the legendary hardcore "One King Down" team. After some time in the team joined a new member - guitarist Jon Kita. In the wake of this, the musicians have registered on the label "Now or Never Records",through which "Diecast" released a new album "Day Of Reconing", in February 2001. Later, "Diecast" continued active concert activities in the territory of the United States, where the band shared the stage with such bands as : "All Out War", "Dying Fetus", "God Forbid", "Isis" and "Napalm Death". By the end of 2001,The team joined guitarist Kirk Kolaitis, which "Diecast" opened for the legendary Alice Cooper, in his tour of the United States, and after that the band came on stage with "Chimaria" and "Unearth". In spring 2002, "Diecast" took part in a joint tour "Slayer" and "Hatebreed". Some time later,musicians concentrated on recording new material, but in view of the problems with the label, and other problems, the work had to suspend.

In spring 2003, as part of "Diecast" there was a change in the former vocalist Paul Stoddard, with the participation of musicians who continued writing new material. Next year,the team signed a contract with the new for yourself, the label "Century Media Records" and began recording a new album. In 2005 I saw the release of the new album "Tearing Down Your Blue Skies", which is engaged in producing Paul Trust (Endo, Sunday Driver). During the year,the company "Century Media Records" released a reissue of their debut longpleyya "Day Of Reconing". The new edition includes the original album in 2001, as well as the bonus track "Peacemaker" (borrowed from the first album "Undo The Wicked") and three live video : "Disrepair", "Peacemaker" and "Rise And Oppose" recorded in March 2005 yearduring the tour with the legendary New York hardcore "Agnostic Front".

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