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Building on the ideas contained in the works of "MC5", "Flamin Groovies", "New York Dolls" and "Stooges", group "Dictators" with its loud and fast rock and roll became one of the first American punk bands. The original line-up included: Andy "Edney" Shernoff (bass, vocals), Ross "Ze Boss" Friedman (Ross Funichello; guitar),Scott "Top Ten" Kempner (guitar) and Stu Boy King (drums).

When they released their debut album on his envelope under the guise of "secret weapon" was marked by another party, roadie "Handsome" Dick Manitoba (Richard Blum) performed the vocals on several tracks.Produced by Sandy Perlman and Murray Kryugmanom (the same guys worked with "Blue Oyster Cult"), "The Dictators Go Girl Crazy!" I came at the wrong time.

Album bought up bad, and only a few years later, he received well-deserved recognition and praise from critics.The lack of commercial success has brought confusion into the camp of the musicians, and at the end of 1975, the team collapsed. However, the collapse of the period did not last long, and early next year, "Dictators" reappeared in New York clubs.DictatorsV part of that time significant changes have taken place: Manitoba became the official singer, bass came Marc "Animal" Mendoza, drums occupied Richie Teeter (he played the part of the vocals) and Shernoff switched to keyboards.Recorded the album "Manifest Destiny" was more mainstream and kept apart pretty good things Shernoffa "Steppin` Out" in this configuration, "Science Gone Too Far!" and "Sleepin` With the TV On" interesting songs recycling "Stooges" "Search and Destroy". The CD was released on the "Asylum Records" as the contract with "Epic" was already lost. Shortly after the release of the series " Dictators " left Mendoza (he subsequently materialized in the "Twisted Sister"), and with Shernoff keys again switched to the bass. In 1978

th out third album "Dictators", written as well as the first two, with the participation of the tandem - Perlman Krugman.For the first time all the parties performed vocal leader of Manitoba, as well as a guest on the album marked a big fan of the group Bruce Springsteen.

Dictators Despite the fact that many consider "Bloodbrothers" the best work of the early period of the group, shortly after the release of this disc the team disbanded.Katkovremenny reunion "Dictators" took place in the early `80s, but for his team managed to record a live album," Fuck` Em If They Can`t Take a Joke "(released only on cassette). Shortly thereafter ze boss Ross successfully joined up to "Manowar", gathered a group of Kempner "Del-Lords",and Shernoff and Manitoba established the "Wild Kingdom" project. In 1991, there was another reincarnation of "dictatorship", with Frank Funaro on drums (he later changed his JP Patterson).

Updated team from time to time gave concerts, made a couple of editions, but the beginning of the new millennium,still found time to release a new album, "D.F.F.D." ("Dictators Forever, Forever Dictators"). The work was very well received, and a couple of tracks ("Who Will Save Rock` n` Roll "and" I Am Right ") criticism enrolled in the" classics ". Despite this fact the studio albums since then no longer came out, and only in 2005appeared live album "Viva Dictators".

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Dictators photo
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