Dick Gephardt

Picture of Dick Gephardt

Date of Birth: 01/31/1941

Age: 75

Birthplace: St. Louis

Citizenship: United States


Dick Gephardt (Richard Andrew `Dick` Gephardt) was born in 1941 in St. Louis, Missouri. As a child, the future politician was a keen Scout, and even had the highest Scout award `Distinguished Eagle Scout Award` of American Scouting (Boy Scouts of America). After receiving his law degree from the University of Michigan (University of Michigan Law School), Gephardt has already decided on the way of life - he was interested in politics. During his studies, he was active in social and political work, was president of the Student Society `Beta Theta Pi!`.

Dick Gephardt entered politics in 1976, it was then that he was first elected to Congress, he was at the time head of the administration of his hometown of St. Louis. Since then, the stretch was in the House of Representatives, and in 1994 led the Democratic faction there. During the time he held the post of the leader of the faction, it was the majority and minority.

In 1988, Dick Gephardt tried to participate in the presidential elections, but failed.

In October 2002, Gephardt was among the deputies of the Democrats who voted for the invasion of US troops in Iraq, but later, three years later, he admitted that it was a mistake.

On the next presidential elections, to be held in 2004, he again made an attempt to participate in the marathon, however, and here it did not expect success. Gephardt program consisted of five points. The first four dealt with the reform of energy, health, education and pensions - that was common to all democrats. The fifth paragraph Gephardt program was interesting - he proposed to establish a uniform minimum wage across the world. According to him, if the work, for example, Chinese, Russian and American workers will be paid the same, it will equalize the chances of US goods to compete on the world market. With this proposal, which is possible and would also like the Chinese and Russian workers, he was in the United States, only 34 percent approval rating. In those elections, which, generally speaking, have started very early, Gephardt made a pretty big bet - announced that he would not be re-elected to Congress, but it did not help, and surveys were not very supportive of him. Generally, Gephardt was among the Democrats, rather harshly struck by President Bush with criticism of its economic and military campaigns. In one of his speeches, he said that Bush `failed to ease concern the nation about his economic plan and to dispel the anxiety of Americans about the future strany`. Later, Dick Gephardt had to drop out of the presidential race, he officially announced the refusal to continue the fight for the White House in January 2004, as the primaries in Iowa finished only fourth of the Democrats. So, he refused in favor of another candidate from his party, John Kerry.

Despite the setback, the 63-year-old at the time Gephardt assured that the remaining time in the Senate he will dedicate working on health issues, energy, trade policy and pension reform.

January 3, 2005 Dick Gephardt activity in the Senate came to an end, and he founded a consulting firm `Gephardt Group`, becoming its president.

In June 2007, Gephardt joined the Board of Directors `EMBARQ`.

In March 2009, Gerphardt was one of the members of the Board of Directors automaker `Ford Motors`. In addition, since 2007, former Congressman working in the field of pharmaceutical policy of the country, his firm represents one of the largest insurance companies - `UnitedHealth Group`.

Dick Gephardt is married and has three children.