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BiographyBest known for her role as Queen Fabre in the popular television series ` Luzery` (` Glee`).

Dianna Agron, daughter Mary Barnes (Mary Barnes) and Ronald S. Agron (Ronald S. Agron), general manager of the corporation `Hyatt`, was born on April 30, 1986 in Savannah, Georgia (Savannah, Georgia). She grew up in San Francisco (San Francisco),as well as several years had lived in Texas (Texas). father`s family was originally from Russia, and his real name was not Agron and Agronski (Agronsky), which changed the officials Ellis (Ellis Island) Island. Her father - a Jew and her mother converted to Judaism.

Dianna attended Jewish Sunday school, Hebrew school and remained faithful to the tradition of Bat Mitzvah ,according to which in the 12 years old girl becomes responsible for their actions. Agron was in high school in California Burlingame (Burlingame High School, California). She began to study dance in 3 years, and as a teenager she was teaching this art form.

Agron starred in television series such as ` Akula` (Shark),starring Gia Mellon in the first episode titled ` Love treugolnik` ; ` Near domom` (` Close to Home`), `CSI: Crime Scene Investigation New York` (` CSI: NY`) and 4isla` ` (` Numb3rs`). The actress has earned the right to periodically recurring role of Jenny Budozh detective in the youth drama series Veronica Mars` ` (` Veronica Mars`),appearing in three episodes.

Then vroli Agron appeared in Harper`s mini-series titled ` This walk mir` (` It`s a Mall World`), directed by Milo Ventimiglia (Milo Ventimiglia), and the series is played on MTV. The girl from Savannah played Debbie Marshall, the head cheerleader in high school of Costa Verde, in four episodes of 2-second season of ` Geroi` (` Heroes`), besides collaborating with Ventimiglia. Also, the actress acted the leading music festival `Chickens in Love` for -profit Los Angeles-based company ` 826LA`.

She was among the young Hollywood stars selected to participate in the spring of 2010-th in the marketing campaign for the Californian brand `Ocean Pacific` of corporation ` Wal-Mart`. A national campaign began with a collaboration with fashion magazines such as `Elle`,` Teen Vogue`, `Seventeen` and ` Cosmopolitan`, moreover, has earned the official website of `Ocean Pacific`. Besides,Dianna has become one of the high points of the leading party in Los Angeles in honor of the launch of the campaign at the end of April and personally spoke on behalf of the brand.

To date, the most prominent role played by Agron, is, without doubt, the school cherlidershi Quin Fabre from FOX TV series ` Luzery`, which received high ratings and euphonious assessment of Film Critics ,including the SAG (Screen Actors Guild).

In 2010, Agron directed the music video of alternative folk-rock group `Thao with the Get Down Stay Down` the song ` Body`. In the same year she played a small role in the musical Natalie Steve Entin (Steve Antin) ` Burlesk` (` Burlesque`) with Christina Aguilera (Christina Aguilera),Stanley Tucci (Stanley Tucci), Cam Gigandet (Cam Gigandet) and Cher (Cher).

Dianna was chosen journal `People`, and has appeared in the list of ` most beautiful (stars) 2010 go`. She also took 26th place in the ` hot hundred best - samyh` on very popular portal Afterellen.com.Along with Alex Pettyfer (Alex Pettyfer) and Timothy Olyphant (Timothy Olyphant), Agron played the starring role in a new sci-fi action- thriller ` I - Chetvertyy` (` I Am Number Four`), directed by DJ Caruso (DJ Caruso).

Dianna - a vegetarian and a supporter of the organization PETA, fighting for animal rights. She played the role of Samantha in the film Hennelli Denis (Denis Hennelly) (`Bold Native`), which explores the issues of animal liberation and animal rights.

She began dating actor and model Alex Pettyfer, after they were brought on the same site director of the film ` I - Chetvertyy`. In the journal `US Weekly` was reported ,that Dianna and Alex engaged ; but both actors deny that this is true.

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