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Biography"Devo" - one of the most innovative and at the same time one of the most underrated bands of "new wave ". Its name came from the abbreviation of the word "de-evolution". The term " deevolyutsiya " were obsessed with the founders of the collective mark Matzersbauh (b. May 18, 1950) and Jerry Keseyl, who believed that mankind in general, and American society in particular ,regress.

This idea was also shared by their friend Bob Lewis, who later became the manager of "Devo". The first incarnation of the band was realized in 1972. Responsibilities were distributed as follows : Mark took over the vocal things, Jerry went basuha, brothers Mark, Bob and Jim, shared lead guitar and drums, and rhythmBob was in charge of the other guitar, brother Jerry.

This arrangement lasted until 1976, is not replaced Jim Alan Myers. A few years musicians honing their sound, achieving electronic, robotic sound. During this time, to work out and their image : "Devo" dressed in identical suits and hats,portraying cloning as a symbol of regression.

DevoV 1976 the group appeared in the short film "The Truth About De-Evolution", and it was for her a turning point. The picture seen by David Bowie and Iggy Pop, and it made them such a strong impression that these outstanding figures of the rockMusic helped organize "Devo" contract "Warner bros". The first album, "Q: Are We Not Men A:?! We Are Devo", produced by Brian Eno, has been controversial, but in any case pay attention to the group. Next creation, "Duty now for the future", was also quite interesting ,but to win recognition of the broad masses "Devo" managed to win only the third attempt.

The song "Whip it" from the album "Freedom of choice" has received a residence permit on MTV, and copies of the corresponding single crossed the " gold " mark. Unfortunately, the commercial success was short-lived and mrachnovato-serious record "New traditionalists" does not meet the expectations of the public.

DevoProblemy creative crisis complicated judicial showdowns, started by Bob Lewis against Mark. In 1986 he left the team, Alan Myers, ustupivshiymesto David Kendrick (ex- "Gleaming spires", "Sparks"). After releasing a couple of albums,musicians more attention was paid to work on the side. In particular, Mark wrote soundtracks, played keyboards for "Rolling stones" and worked as a backing vocalist Debbie Harry and Jerry produced clips commands such as "Foo fighters" and "Soundgarden". Although the activities of the team at that time practically disappeared ,grungy latter-day group declared on the influence of "Devo" on their creativity.

"Nirvana" did a cover of "Turnaround", and "Soundgarden" and "Superchunk" sung "Girl you want". Finally, in 1996-m held reunion " deevolyutsionerov " (Josh Freese instead Kendrick) : they took part in the tour " the Lollapalooza " and released an interactive game "Adventures Of The Smart Patrol". Since then, the musicians got together only sporadically to play any gig.

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