Picture of Devildriver

Year of birth : 2003

Age: 12 years

Citizenship : United States


"DeviL drivEr" (Devil`s driver) - the demon `s name, used to ward off evil.

Soloist (Dez Fafara) , satanic music was always kind

" The driver of the devil " - allows him to drive away all the demons of the other world srevuschim howl ,which is definitely it. Ten years, egovozdeystviya music created a sound that remains remarkably resonant appropriate in today`s " metal " world. With a huge and very udachnyyopyt performance of such music, soloist in a band called "coal chamber", Dezperehodit a new team. Raffle ,"DeviL drivEr" leybleroadrunnerrecords to write his debut album. The second album :

The Fury Of Our Maker`s Hand (Fury of Our Maker`s Hand) , shows

Fafara and his gang, reaching outside the body basics of their self-titled measures a debyutai all new sonic abyss.

Dez Fafara - vocals.

Unlike most groups ,matured from its debut, DevilDriver, modernity is becoming more intense and allows each chlenusostava add to the sound of the particle itself. Like many other populyarnyhispolniteley, DevilDriver has overcome a mountain of obstacles during this period, and instead of changing the style, they were put iznachalnomunapravleniyu ,We played a monotonous way, allowing them to grow as a creative unit. A true collaborative effort and " Fury of Our Hands

Creator "was built by the reef, and Jeff Kendrick

Mike Spreitzerom (guitar) , John Miller (bass) and John Boeklinom (drums) .

" This band is amazing, " says Fafara. "They are all connected and deystvitelnoobedinyalis around my musical vision. " Together they created an album which zvukovayashirota - really nothing more than a testament to their collaborative efforts.

"There is a strong melody, more hooks, strong solos. The group felt symbiosis.

Everyone is playing really well. "

Jeff Kendrick- guitar. Songs like " End of the Line " and " Drive down Darkness " yavlyayutsyaperepletayuschimi composite of major depression and fury both albums, showing that the interaction can actually achieve unity. " Sin & Sacrifice " is an opus in the truest sense of the metal with a twist ,starting with the introduction of an eerie bass and slowly vstraivayuschiyvolnu after wave of menacing metal madness.

" Hold Back The Day" - the only track Gated rabies, combines the old with the new in a special way, in it part dostigayutsyanovye direction. " All the songs are different, all separated from each other ,Noonu all eke out a sound of deepening that we can only publish ", - he says

Fafara. " We have our own sound, and that - what we call creation. "

Jon Miller - bass.

Not only is the music of the band has matured to a terrible Satanism, more and lyrics

Fafara made its considerable contribution to the devil. Gone are the days of music sladostnogoproslushivaniya, Non-linear vocal lines that have become vizitnoykartochkoy Fafara not give relax for a minute. Rage Fafara, to tackle the problem and transfer history in a more traditional liricheskomsmysle amazes even the most persistent of Metalworkers. " On the new album I pytayusstat villain for the listener. " Fafara intonation, perfect pass" Fury of Our Maker`s Hand ".

Mike Spreitzer - 2nd guitar.

"DeviL drivEr", - some of the most sinister of music heard on metallicheskompeyzazhe today. "DeviL drivEr", - the implementation of all the heavy and dark, it is simply overflowing with "metal" influences all members of the group.

Balancing act distorted melody lines ,barabanyaschegokontrabasa jagged guitars and staccato - and have " Rage Hands of Our Creator " it creates unikalnozloveschy sound. Uncompromising tirade on all that is wrong in mirei all that is right in the metal, there is a resounding "F *** You" to the world as a whole.

It is for this can be seen clearly ,that after a decade of sredniypalets Dez Fafara more than ever.

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