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Group "Devastation" from the Texas town of Corpus Christi was formed in 1985. The idea of its creation belonged to guitarist Dave Burke, just left the ranks of the "Final Assault" (only at the time a metal band from the edges ,perform their own material).

The second member of the project was Rodney Dunsmore, one of the active participants in the local metal crowd. Until that time, Rodney did not even approached the microphone, but Dave told him that all this garbage, and it should become a singer. In the end, Dunsmore agreed and the guys started to write songs ,simultaneously searching for other partners. After some time, the composition was beefed up with the rhythm section of drummer in the face of Jesse Lopez and bassist Edward Vasquez.

The first performance of the team was held in the club "Ritz" in 1985, where "Devastation" warmed up "Anthrax" and "Helstar". It was followed by concerts in other Texas cities ,and in 1986 the guys recorded a demo pyatitrekovoe "Destined to Death". A little later came another demo, "Violent Termination", the songs which formed the basis of the first album.

Devastation `s debut full-length was recorded at his own expense musicians, and its circulation was 1000 vinyl copies and 1,000 cassettes.To make the "official " on these publications has been bearing the logo "Zombo Records" (label " WATCHTOWER ") , but no support other than verbal consent to use the trademark, it was not from this company. Released in 1987 ,"Violent Termination" included dozens of aggressive thrash rooms with strong punk roots and the influence of some "Venom" and "Slayer". Also in 1987 it came to light yet another trial, "Contaminated", made under the influence of opus California thrash band "Dark Angel".It is this record and has led the brave men in Texas to a contract with "Combat Records". The deal, however, was not very successful, because the label did not show much interest in their wards (especially when it came to financial matters) , and in most cases the musicians themselves had to solve their problems.

Devastation in 1988-m "Devastation", reinforcing its membership a second guitarist Henry Elizondo, had a tour in the company of "Dark Angel". The following year the band released their second album, recording in which participated a new drummer, Luis Carrizales. This work is different from the previous first and foremost the fact that punk chips were pushed into the background ,instead, the musicians often encroached on the territory of Death Metal (though without growling) . Most end of the 80 Group held in tour across America, sharing the site with such ensembles as the "Laaz Rockit", "Death", "King Diamond", "Trouble", "Sepultura", and once visited Europe. In 1990, Louis Carrizales went to place the singer in "Death",therefore, their third album, "Devastation" was recorded with new drummer, David Lozano.

"Idolatry" get close in sound to "Signs Of Life" and is also located at the junction of thrash and death metal. Unfortunately, this work was for the latter group, as already thin financial flow coming from the "Combat Records",soon it stopped altogether. Farewell tour, the musicians spent their own money, after which the team was disbanded. Dunsmore Vazquez and subsequently organized a project "Killing Machine".

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