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Citizenship : United States

Fashionable bags of mother and daughter

American fashion label ,a joint project of Fatima Madhava (Fatemeh Mahdavi) and Sarah Nagedi (Sara Naghedi).

Men are hard to fully appreciate the many subtleties may be hiding in the device only one single handbag ; only a woman can properly appreciate the importance of this article of clothing. `Deux Lux` project is a joint creation of the mother and daughter ; each created in the framework of the project is the fruit bag works of two talented women. It does not interfere with Fatima and Sara create highly outstanding masterpieces even the age difference ; Of course, to life and fashion Madava and watching Therefore Nagedidifferently - but it is due to an organic alloy of different styles the label `Deux Lux` and managed to achieve such success. Young and perspective view of Sarah with extensive experience of Fatima multiplied by both ladies inherent sense of style ; The result is a stylish, absolutely charming bag ,It has long become almost mandatory accessory for any self-respecting fashionista.

At the moment, handbags, wallets (and for some time now - and even shoes) from `Deus Lux` sold in trendy boutiques across the country ; Sarah and Fatima managed to establish contacts with a number of known networks - like `Urban Outfitters`,` LF stores` and `Anthropologie`.Retailers gladly take on the implementation of the product label ; rather warmly about the work of `Deus Lux` and representatives of the leading fashion magazines. High quality products and reasonable price stable long been appreciated ;dresses from `Deus Lux` often fell on the fashion pages of the press - the label graced the pages of ` InStyle`, `Marie Claire`,` Glamour`, `People StyleWatch`,` US Weekly` and `Life & Style`.

Describe the creation of Sarah and Fatima is a holistic formula is quite difficult - as mentioned earlier ,each of the bags is a compilation of the common interests of the two quite dissimilar masters. Quite different and the results of joint activities ; bags there are bright and tough, glamorous and bohemian. There are, however, and some common features - in most bags `Deus Lux` used a lot of bright colors ,rather unusual materials and truly non-trivial approaches to furnish ready-made products. The creative duo of mother and daughter, meanwhile, the rate is not going to give up - Sarah and Fatima are planning to continue to please fans with new masterpieces.

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