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Los Angeles-based thrashformation "Detente" was born in 1984 thanks to the efforts of drummer Dennis Butler and vocalist Dawn Crosby (b. April 5, 1963, at. December 15, 1996) . Both before that we played "Allies", and Crosby has participated in a gang from London "First attack". At the beginning of the "Detente" also included Jim Tyuton (guitar) and Rob Farr (bass) . In April 1985, the first demo, which includes such iconic tracks like "Shattered illusions" and "Vultures in the sky" was recorded. These songs have a social and political overtones, from the pen Tyutona. However, most guitarists, as well as Rob Farr, at the time of entry in the group was gone. Position Jim went to Fred Raskonu ,but this kind of stayed in the team for long.

Crosby Butler and this fact does not embarrass, and with the help of ad they recruited new volunteers : Caleb Quinn (guitar) , Ross Robinson (guitar) , Steve Hochheyzera (bass) . The quintet started with performances in Los Angeles clubs, and then issued a second demo,which moved "Shattered illusions" and "Vultures in the sky".

DetenteNa this time, the film helped to interest some record labels, such as "Combat", "Noise", "Music for nations", "Metal blade", "Roadrunner". Musicians opted for the latter two. AT

1986 composition "Windows walk" got on the compilation "Metal massacre VII"."Detente" toured the West Coast until one of the show is not a scandal. The band then performed with the "Megadeth", and Crosby, in the spirit can not tolerate Mustaine and Ellefson, started a brawl, resulting in activity "Detente" was banned. Without the opportunity to perform live ,musicians do studio work and sat down to prepare his first album.

Just at this time, Dawn and Dennis got married, but that did not contribute to the stabilization of relations in the team. Because of the contentious nature of Crosby session progressed with great difficulty. However, despite all the troubles ,Work on "Recognize no authority" had yet finished and the audience got quite a good album.

DetenteMuzykanty just spending a few concerts in support of the album, we decided to take a break. While Dennis was lying in the hospital, and Dawn rolled through Europe, and Steve Ross organized a new "Catalepsy" project.After some time, the new members "Detente" Greg began Tsekalovich (guitar, ex- "LSN"), George Robb (bass) and Mike Carlino (born December 17, 1963,. Guitar). But this composition was short-lived. After a few concerts, Greg went back to "LSN", taking with him George. Guitarist decided to leave one ,and on bass, Mike invited his friend Blair Darby (b. August 22, 1968, Kingston, Jamaica) .

This configuration recorded a demo, but it did not impress the representatives of "Roadrunner", and the team was thrown from the label. "Detente" still did not give up and got to the next demo. During the sessions between Dawn and Mike broke the novel ,which led to divorce and Crosby Butler and care of the last of the team. There was a procession of drummers substitutions, then the sign was changed to "Fear of God", and began the story of a different group.

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