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BiographyThe team from Cleveland with a formidable name "Destructor" was formed in October 1983. Being inspired by the works of such artists like Ted Nugent, "Aerosmith", "Kiss", "Bachman-Turner overdrive", "Saxon", "Motorhead" and "Anvil", the guys performed initially weighted rock `n ` roll, but quickly approached to thrash. The original composition of the group was as follows: Pat Reybid (guitar) , Dave Overkill (guitar, vocals), Paul Uorhed (bass) and Don King (drums) . King proved to be a mediocre drummer, and when turned up nominee Matt Flemmeybla, Don quickly put out the door. With Uorhedom things were different. Paul was a great bass player ,but he had a strong downside - tight was on drugs. As a result, with him also I had to leave, and took the position Dave "Holocaust" Yannikka.

The first concert of "Destructor" held in 1984 in Cleveland club "The pop shop".After the performance the musicians approached the owner of the local independent label "Auburn records" Bill Peters and offered a record.

DestructorIznachalno debut release was conceived as the EP, but in the course of the sessions proved that the material will last for a whole album. Recording took place in "Suma recording studios", and sat behind the board Paul Hemann. "Maximum destruction" left on "Auburn" in 1985, and after a few months it has licensed European "Roadrunner". The album was a great success in the metal media and became the best-selling release of "Auburn records". About "Destructor" wrote such respected publications as "Metal forces", "Kerrang!", "Hit parader" and "Metal hammer",and the group, meanwhile, opened the concert "Anthrax", "Slayer" and "Megadeth".

Things have moved the team well, and she went to "Beachwood studios" to record a second album called "Decibel casualties" in 1987. However, the record was not destined to see the light, since January 1, 1988 Dave Yannikka was killed. The death of comrade shocked participants "Destructor" and Bill Peters, so the session was suspended.

DestructorKogda musicians a little recovered from the tragedy, then tried to continue the work by hiring for the position of bass guitarist Brooke Hodges. Replacing proved unequal, and then died out. It is planned to contract with "Island records" has been lost, and it was announced the dissolution of the "Destructor" in 1992. Some time Pat, Dave and Matt switched to Space rock, forming a group "Spacecore", which played the opening act for "Hawkwind". The idea to go back to the old project came to him in the late 90s. However, at this point, again there is a problem with the bass player. Only after much trial musicians managed to find the right person in the face of Jamie Walters.

In 2000, the "Destructor" entered the studio to record a new album, which is planned to be published on "Listenable records". When the material was almost ready ,label suddenly lost interest in him, and tore up the contract. The matter was put in place only when the team returned to the "Auburn records", which in 2003 finally released "Sonic bullet" album.

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