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After the collapse of "Twisted sister" Dee Snider (born March 15, 1955, New York,. Vocals) long pondered over what he would do. What else could do the frontman ,they do not put together by a new gang. His new project is called "Desperado". Colleagues Snyder picked up not less famous than himself.

Drummer Clive Burr (b. March 8, 1957) started out back in the "Samson", and then became famous in the company of the legendary "Iron maiden". Irishman Bernie Torm began to torment the guitar since the age of eleven ,and the first of his group were "Scrapyard" and "Bernie Torme Band". But fame came to him only when he joined Ian Gillan in his solo project "Gillan". After that, he entertained on the road as part of "Atomic rooster" and even had a guitarist in Ozzy Osbourne himself. Only one bassist Mark Russell did not have time to make yourself the same name as that of his colleagues in "Desperado".

Desperado His first and only concert of " thieves " played in "International Club" in Birmingham. It is not only the band performed their songs, but also a number of covers (for example, items from the "Status quo" repertoire) . Recording the first (and, again, only) album took place in America, not far from the legendary Woodstock. By the way, in the same studio we were visited by many famous artists : Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, "Rolling stones", "The band" and others. Devoting sessions a few weeks under the leadership of producer Peter Coleman ,the band finished recording "Bloodied but unbowed". The CD contains thirteen quite hard quality metal tracks.

DesperadoOdnako for some unknown reason (maybe played a role unlucky number 13) "Electra records", with which "Desperado" was awarded the contract, he refused to release the album. As said on this occasion Bernie Torm : " All we`ve had is excellent - a good album, a wonderful vocalist and was generally cool group One was bad - a stupid label, with whom we contacted. ". Anyway, the record was abandoned on a shelf and as a result of a project called "Desperado" ceased to exist. Dee Snider fouled another team called "Widowmaker". Bernie Torm helped him in this business for a while, and then began collaborating with other artists. But what is most interesting - drive "Bloodied but unbowed", published semi-underground way by "Destroyer" still saw the light in 1996.

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