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I dived into the pool. .. and woke geniusDerek Amato - an American who not so long ago was in many world publications because of its truly amazing story. So, far from the music, he woke up one morning in a musical genius. Surprisingly, it was after Derek earned concussion. So, head injury suddenly made him a genius, in fact ,of the poor and homeless, he became a musician, able to earn money with their music.

Derek Amato (Derek Amato) of Denver, Colorado (Denver, Colorado), 40 years of age. It is not known for what it is because he once found himself homeless, but it happened that way. He himself says that he had lost all of their investments in the business. So,sleeping in the car, Derek tried unsuccessfully to find work.

One day in October 2006 Derek dove into a shallow pool and hurt yourself head on the bottom. He earned concussion, but it was not all - at the same time he suddenly appeared strange gift - Derek became ` videt` music. By his own admission ,his head was suddenly filled with music, he seemed to have found some inner vision of black and white squares, which unmistakably suggests the keys of the piano.

In the end, it turned out to be a mirage reality - Derek Amato, who previously could nabrenchat guitar prostenkiakkordov few, and never in my life did not take music lessons ,suddenly I began to play the piano beautifully.

It turned out that what happened with Derek - a rare case of the so -called Acquired Savant Syndrome (Acquired Savant Syndrome). It is known that many are those endowed savants from birth, while people like Derek - not more than 30 worldwide.Today a former loser Amato became a respected musician. He dosih details remember that autumn day of 2006, remembers the silence, which was first settled in his head when he came out of the ill-fated pool. He thought his ears bleed, but by touching them with your fingers, he was convinced that it was not so. He sawthat his friends tell him something, but he could not hear them. He was taken to hospital where doctors pronounced a serious concussion and 35 percent Potro hearing and partial memory loss.

Today, though, Derek never for a moment regretted memory and hearing - in return he received a wonderful gift ,with whom he never would not wish to leave. Moreover, he believes that a concussion - a very small price that he paid for her new amazing abilities.

Derek says that by the time the shaking had happened to him, he slept for a few months and lived in the car - financial affairs drove him to a standstill. Now things have changed for him - he became a professional musician.

Himself Derek is very worried that his gift has not gone as suddenly as it appeared. However, doctors have concluded that the probability that the gift will go very low. But in general Derek Amato is now considered to be a unique person - cases where the savant syndrome is not innate ,but acquired very rare.

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