Dennis Blair

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Date of Birth: 04/02/1947

Age: 69

Place of birth: Kittery Maine

Citizenship: United States


Dennis Cutler Blair was born on February 4th, 1947 at Kittery, Maine. He graduated from the school of St. Andrew (St. Andrew`s School) in Delaware and then studied at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, from which he graduated in 1968. Blair hereditary military: he was a naval officer in the sixth generation.

When Blair graduated from the academy, he was assigned to the destroyer "Tetnell" (Tattnall) but in the same 1968 he was named a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford where he was four years specializing in Russian studies and a master`s degree. It is noted that in Oxford, Blair studied with the future president of the United States Bill Clinton. With this biographical fact the media linked its good relations with the Clinton family.

In 1975-1976, Blair was a member of the White House administration. After that, he made a career in the navy: in the years 1977-1980, Blair was senior assistant captain of the destroyer "Berkeley" (Berkeley) in 1984-1986 commanded a destroyer, "Cochrane" (Cochrane). In 1989-1990, Blair was the chief of the naval base at Pearl Harbor. In 1993-1995, Rear Admiral Blair commanded the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk group (Kitty Hawk). In 1994, the press described the episode when, during a military exercise lost one of the sailors. Then we Blerakritikovali for what he has organized a costly search operation Only seven hours after exercises were completed.

In 1995, Blair cited as the department director assessment Navy. In May of the same year after the appointment of the director of the CIA, US Deputy Secretary of Defense John Deutch (John Deutch) Blair was invited to investigate. Especially the position of Assistant Director of the CIA for military support was created for him - in the scope of its activities included the organization of cooperation between the CIA and the army. Along with the new appointment, Blair was promoted to Vice Admiral. In 1996, also reported that Blair coordinated the CIA in Bosnia, where at that time there was a civil war.

Also in 1996, Blair became the chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). In October 1996 he was also appointed as a representative of the Joint Chiefs in the advisory council on the reserve forces with the defense minister. At the same time, Blair was a member of the advisory National Security Council (National Security Council).

it was announced in July 1998 that Mr Blair is expected to increase to the rank of four-star admiral and appointed commander of US forces in the zone of the Pacific (United States Pacific Command). In this position, Blair was from February 1999 to May 2002. In his area of ??responsibility are 43 states, including the states with the largest armies - India, China, North Korea and South Korea. It was noted that at this time he had to settle relations with China and to combat terrorism in the Philippines to participate in the settlement of the crisis in East Timor and to build in connection with this new relationship with Australia and Indonesia (in 1999 the United States froze military relations with Indonesia because of brutal actions of the Indonesian army in East Timor). It was stressed that Blair was a supporter of the construction of new military alliances.

After retiring from military service, Blair appeared as the author of several publications, including appeals to the cultural diversification among the officers of the US Army. C November 2003 to September 2006, Blair was the head of the Institute for Military Studies (Institute for Defense Analyses), staffed by about 800 people. Gone from this post due to the fact that his participation on the boards of several corporations could cause a conflict of interest. Blair admitted that he violated the rules of the Institute, entering the corporation council to develop a jet fighter F-22, which was to evaluate the Institute. The investigation revealed that Blair had no effect on the evaluation of the F-22.

In 2006-2008, Blair was a member of the group appointed by the Ministry of Defense, to develop national security reform project (Project on National Security Reform).

In 2007-2008 he taught at the college Blair Dickinson (Dickinson College) and the US Army War College. In addition, since September 2007, Blair worked in the private Bureau of Asian Research.

In November 2008, it reported that Blair is likely to go down in the new administration of President Barack Obama, which will take the post of director of national intelligence. In this position, he will have to deal with coordination and generalization of data 16 agencies (including the CIA). It was noted earlier that Blair did not go directly to the Obama team, although sometimes acted as his adviser.

Blair - a workaholic, fluent in Russian. Among his hobbies mention fishing and water skiing (in the press referred to the story of how Blair skated behind his destroyer water skiing).

Blair is married to Diane Blair, born Everett (Diane Everett), they have a son Duncan (Duncan) and daughter Pamela (Pamela).

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