Denise Griffith

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Citizenship: United Kingdom

The accident resulted in death of four people

20 April 2011 th Denise Griffith, her husband Emyr Griffith (Emyr Griffith), his mother Phyllis Hooper (Phyllis Hooper) and foster sons Peter Briscoe (Peter Briscome) and Liam Gove (Liam Govier) were in a terrible car accident. After the collision with the car 24-year-old Gordon Disha (Gordon Dyche) their car flew into the lake; Denise was able to leave the car, but her family was less fortunate.

Griffith argues that all happened almost instantaneously; from hitting the car spun sharply and flew off into the lake. Denise quickly realized that it is necessary to leave the car; Alas, the belt for a long time did not want to give in to her. Fortunately, at the last moment Griffith did manage to cope with such an untimely balk protective means and escape from the sinking car. Apart from Deniz was able to get out of the car with the family dog ??ehavshaya Millie (Milly); her husband, the car could not leave mothers and sons Welsh.

Getting out of the lake, Griffith did not immediately come to the senses. What exactly pushed the car into the water, she was at the time to understand was not yet; some time Denise even thought that what happened - it is entirely fault. Standing on the shore of Lake man (apparently Disch) said something that made her doubt the fault of their own - `I`m sorry. I`m just in a hurry to rabotu`. Catch a Griffith noticed that the car was able to escape even her dog; the joy of knowing that, however, quickly overshadowed the horror - the other passengers of the car or on the beach or in the water could be seen.

According to witnesses, she Denise Griffith drove as exemplary driver; Disch had entered into it in his own words, it is simply in a hurry at the moment to work. From his car before the collision Griffith separated the two cars. These machines went sravnitelnomedlenno; Gordon Disch, apparently, decided to overtake them - and hit a right turn is performed Griffith.

The Prosecutor argues that what happened - entirely fault Disha, povedshego himself very carelessly and openly created an emergency situation. Apparently, immediately after the collision, Gordon was ready to plead guilty; later, however, he went back out and began to argue that all statements made on the site of the collision was caused by the usual panic attack. Now Disch adheres to the new version - in his words, he was moving at normal speed, no hurry and maneuver performed fairly accurately. However, witnesses obviously do not agree with him. Driver `VW Passat`, move immediately for a seven-seater` Peugeot 807` Griffith argues that silver `Mondeo` Disha flew past him in an apparent rush.

Experts have examined the crime scene and did all the necessary conclusions. Apparently, Griffith car on the way to the lake several times cranked - as, indeed, and declared herself Denise Griffith; drowned in the car is between the 4.5 and 7 meters, while maintaining the normal horizontal position. The bodies of dead relatives Denise had retrieved by divers.

Griffith has repeatedly stated its version of what happened. Among other things, Denise confirmed that it included a corresponding signal before turning. So far, the proceedings continue; however, the sympathy of all, in the analysis of the case present, is clearly on the side of Denise Griffith. Few can even approximately imagine what pain Griffith felt after such a sudden death of the four once close to her; Of course, the mere sympathy for others is unlikely to heal the wounds of her heart - but at least a little better yourself Denise may still feel.