Denis Nikiforov

Picture of Denis Nikiforov

Date of Birth: 08/02/1977

Age: 39

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia



And his first theatrical award Denis was studying at the School of the Moscow Art Theatre to them. Nemirovich-Danchenko on course Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov. At that time he simultaneously played in the theater of his teacher and for his role in the play "Crazy" in 1996 he was awarded the "Moscow Debuts" prize.

In 1998, Denis Nikiforov graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School and was officially enrolled in the Theatre of Oleg Tabakov. The talented young actor quickly gained a leading position. Among his roles: soldier Eugene in the play "Biloxi Blues," a student - "The Passion of Bumbarash" Louis de Venosta - "Confessions of Felix Krull", Hippolytus - "Not all cat Shrovetide" Alyosha - "NADH" Burovskii - "Running" and others.


In the movie, Denis Nikiforov made his debut in 1997 starring role in the melodrama Alexander Polynnikova "Sinful Love". This was followed by work in the film "Mysteries of the External Auditor", the TV series "Turkish March", an episode of the series "Kamenskaya - 2" ... However, in the long run until 2005, Denis was completely unknown moviegoer.

In April 2005, the premiere of the film director Alexei Sidorov`s "Shadow Boxing", which starred Nikiforov - boxer Artem Kolchinina. Ready to shoot, especially Denis six months in boxing. In its preparation participated Vladimir Gendlin - commentator of boxing fights on our television, his son Dmitri - a professional boxer and Oleg Borisenko - stunt, in the past as a boxer. And Reggie Redwood came 10 days before the start of filming - Jamaican boxer - and is also connected to the education of young boxing talent. As a result, Dennis very organically entered the role. According to the director - if now Nikiforov release to this ring, it really could be a professional boxing.

During filming, Dennis had to deal with the need to portray the blind - the fact that the plot of the hero loses his eyesight. As recognized actor, very much in the creation of the role he learned the outstanding actor Al Pacino, who played a blind man in "Scent of a Woman," the famous film: "I just peeped from a good artist, brush up on it. I also spied on the subway, there are many blind. A blind man "looks" ears, he reacts to sounds. And if someone is talking, his head slightly turned to the speaker`s mouth in such a way as if it "looks" eyes and ears ".

As soon coming on the screen, the movie "Shadowboxing" immediately drew attention to the person of Denis Nikiforov and spectators and journalists. Successful work will undoubtedly arouse interest in the actor and the part of directors. So we have to wait for new interesting works of Denis on the silver screen.