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Date of Birth: 10/16/1974

Age: 42

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"Yandex" in the last year, said he was looking for a strategic partner for its payment system. In 2009, the search engine gave Sberbank "golden share", which allowed to veto the sale of a package of "Yandex" more than 25 percent. But the news of the sale of "Yandex", Russia`s largest finorganizatsii still was quite unexpected, and the network immediately captivated jokes about queues for electronic money. Director General of the payment system Eugene Zavalishin and senior vice president Denis Bugrov Sberbank told "Lente.ru" what to expect from this deal.

"To Lenta.ru": In 2009, when the Savings Bank received a "golden share", "Yandex" reported that it gives the right to influence the sale of key assets of the search engine. That is, it turns out, the bank can block the sale of "Yandex" any other company?

-Denis Bugrov: As I understand it, this action concerns the sale of shares in "Yandex" and no relation to the assets of "Yandex" has not.

-Evgeniya Zavalishina: Golden share - a story only about the legal entity of "Yandex", and is involved in the transaction, "Yandex" - the other company. On this transaction a "golden share" has no effect. Exceptionally you can dream up.

Under the deal, Sberbank will have three seats in the board of directors "Yandex", and "Yandex" - two. It turns out, the decision will take the financiers, rather than Internet users?

-D.B .: Not really. it is very important for us that the business was really a partnership, and that the decisions we have taken the right way, and to the right an Internet spirit that is in the "Yandex", maintained. So we have some agreement on corporate governance, which are connected with the fact that the key decisions the Board of Directors shall be taken unanimously. That is, they will not be able to "push" a majority of votes. This also applies to the candidacy of General Director, and significant changes in the business plan.

-E.Z .: Yes, Dennis is very precisely delineated. I have to emphasize that we are talking about the board of directors. The Board of Directors, which includes the three vice-president of the Savings Bank and two other men from the "Yandex".

-D.B .: Also not last two people. ( "Yandex" on the board of directors "Yandex" will represent Zavalishina and CEO Arkady Volozh search engine - a comment "Lenta.ru".)

-E.Z .: Yes. So the board - this is not the body that will deal with the everyday issues - his responsibility actually the biggest decision. We approve the annual budget, product strategy. Operational issues are resolved within the company team that is working on products. It not only does not plan to change - on the contrary, during the entire discussion of this transaction on the part of the Savings Bank was very accurate, I would even say the requirement that we carefully kept the existing team and in any case it is not lost as long as there are conducting negotiations.

Interest in the decision-making process originated an ulterior motive - reminded of the story, when you had to provide the FSB sponsors data "painted".

(In May 2011, bloggers, to donate money to the anti-corruption project Alexei Navalny, complained about suspicious calls, during which the girl Julia asked them about the reasons for support of "painting" At the same time she operated confidential data Bloggers discovered that the caller -.. Commissioner of movement " Our "Julia Dikhtyar (Ivashov) Where she appeared sensitive data, it is not known -. approx." Lenta.ru ")

-E.Z .: Incidentally, there was no room for decisions. There was an official request of law enforcement agencies, which we do not have the right to refusal. Further reasons unknown to us, these data were to third parties.

I understand that it was necessary to act according to the law. But then the editor in chief Elena Kolmanovskaya said that a team of lawyers working on this issue, and "you can do something," sue, maybe. This story ended - it is now clear, you can do something or not?

-E.Z .: Make especially anything is impossible. We can not in court to show any specific damage [of data disclosure]. In our courts there is no precedent for such a distinct occasions. Our position is simple, we really do only what is required of us by law, and I was pleased that people in this situation, we understand. As a result of this story inspection bodies themselves became more vigilant. Surely there were people in whose interests the whole roll call was arranged, but there were people out there who are [in the police] were just doing their job. And, generally speaking, they are also set up. Now they have a triple wary of such requests.

It turns out, after all the security forces went somewhere?

-E.Z .: At least publish a blog scan - a scan of our response to a formal request.

Let history requesting law enforcement again - Savings can somehow influence it?

-D. B .: I do not really understand what was going on. We are a bank, we operate in the same legal field, as well as all the rest. Legislation on this subject is very clear, it says that if the transaction takes place, having certain characteristics, then we are obliged to inform about it to the competent authorities. If someone performs surgery and he belongs to the list of potential criminals and terrorists, then we should be able to record such transactions in a certain way and to handle. And it is not a Russian invention, and the worldwide.

The web users have expressed suspicion that their information may be disclosed in the course of your cooperation. How will the exchange of data between Sberbank and "Yandex Money"?

-D. B .: I really want to all customers "Sberbank Online" were able to open the purse on "Yandex", if they do not already have it. But that does not mean I`m some kind of confidential information to someone send. I have a relationship with the customers of the Savings Bank, I am within these relationships will make suggestions on additional services, which we are now with the "Yandex Money" to provide customers with all sorts of cakes and other useful. In my opinion, the interest in data leak absolutely not motivated and not justified.

If you have a desire to offer all its customers an electronic purse on "Yandex" why Sberbank bought completely "Yandex"?

-D. B .: We [Sberbank] believe in the partnership principle. We do not believe that we are the most intelligent, that we all know and that we can absolutely everything. In theory, of course, we can do everything, but in practice we have a huge respect for people who are very good at doing their job. For us, an important parameter of the transaction was the fact that it will be a partnership that "Yandex" will be a direct interest in the success of this cooperation. We expect that in the future will be Sberbank and other partners. This year, not so long ago we went to the lending market in retail outlets - it is also a partnership of 70 to 30 with the French group BNP Paribas. If people are doing it already in more than 20 countries, we respect their experience, respect what they have done.

Yes, but here, for example, when a broker purchases "Troika Dialog" you have abandoned this brand.

-D. B .: "Troika Dialog" - that`s another story, because this company we bought in order to fully integrate it into our business. As for the "Yandex", we do not see the problem 100 percent of organizational integration. We see the problem of integration at the level of client interaction, some commercial processes and the coordination of our commercial activity. For us, as I said, "Yandex" are of value as an independent company.

And the "Yandex" was the desire to completely sell its payment system?

-E. W .: No. Of course, if we wanted to just sell and forget, then we would not be doing half of the year selection of the strategic investor. And - Denis will not lie - mainly our meetings were devoted not to, how much to pay and how and what we will do together - what you want from this joint venture and what we want. Almost one and a half years, we were selected from a large number of variants of a partner with whom we will be best developed.

Why would someone do to attract, if you have already decided what will become a non-bank credit organization (NGO)? Law meet - would work on himself.

-E. W .: Do you think the most useful thing that we can get from the Sberbank - is his license? (Laughs)

Put it this way: why do you a strategic partner?

-E. W .: In general, payments have such a story: if you look at the more or less successful payment projects, it becomes clear that the payments - always a little adjective. In the sense that you should always understand what they are applied. It`s either some kind of infrastructure partners or merchants of. We have for a long time grew on the audience, "Yandex" and used his experience to Internet users. "Yandex" has not been for us what was on eBay for the PayPal, that is the main Merchant, where we accept payments. But it has always been our main advisor and the main source of building base. Project "Yandex" was launched in 2002, and over 10 years development, we have more or less the subject [user base] dredged. Last summer we updated the long-term strategy, and we realized that everything that we see interesting things, all we can do now with themselves "by Yandex" - this is not enough. There were interesting venture, but wanted more - entering the next order in the first place, according to the number of users and, consequently, on the size of the business.

-D. B .: I want to add that it was a mutual process, because we are also currently looking for a partner and talk to absolutely everyone on the Russian market and some very iconic people in the international market.

And how did you come to the idea that you need a partner? Why Sberbank payment system?

-D. B .: First of all, a huge number of clients` financial needs associated with payments, the payments - is everything. Secondly, we believe that the future is definitely for cashless payments. If you ask who is our main competitor, it is not a bank, which is now at the hearing, namely cash. We see our main task in the commercial decline in the share of cash circulation in Russia.

Do not you think that Sberbank somehow expands too? Recently became the largest Russian broker; now I bought the largest payment system. You Antimonopolschiki has no claims?

-D. B .: First of all, you must understand that all such transactions require the approval of regulatory authorities, including the FAS [Federal Antimonopoly Service]. Every time we do something, we are in accordance with the law get the necessary approvals. Secondly, your question has two answers. A first is that we are still rare in Russia, but on the whole rather frequent for the structure of the world, which is called universal bank. We are the first broker, and is not something that we have someone bought, and what we have already five years this work was built, and now it finally shot. Integration with the "Troika" has helped, but it is not the main stimulus. The more complex answer is related to the fact that we did in the last few years greatly expanded scope and geography of the Savings Bank of the business, because, in addition to the acquisition in the country, we have got a lot of things for pv bezhom, and have now become a serious limitation the ability of the management team with all this effectively cope. We understand this, and in particular, largely in connection with the consideration we have decided to slow down international expansion. Not because there is beautiful deals - now there are some very beautiful transactions abroad, but because we believe that it is right to deal with the fact that we already have.

Still it would be interesting to learn about new products that appear as a result of cooperation. At a press conference where it was announced the signing of an agreement, you said that the details will appear only next year. I have not changed position on this issue?

-D. B .: Military secret.

Well, the benefits, then at least there would be some?

-E. W .: What exactly is, but what exactly - you now we can not say. We can hint about the direction of the work. The first - a universal payment solution for merchants, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Second - regular payments: communal, Internet payment, mobile. Third - money transfers between physical persons - the direction that the last year is growing faster than regular payments Merchants. And as for the rest describe a little later. While secret.