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Year of birth : 2000

Age: 15 yearsCitizenship : United States

darkwave post

-rok with the duduk as the wind

`Deleyaman` - darkwave post- rock band, founded in 2000, the American multi-instrumentalist Madilyanom Aret (Aret Madilian).

Wind Instruments in modern groups are used quite often; leader, perhaps the saxophone, although many relatives are used in the capable hands of musicians.There are, however, wind instruments, which at the present stage it is difficult to meet; one of them is the Armenian duduk. However, even such a rare instrument is a place in modern industry; so, it is playing the duduk famous artist `Deleyaman`.

Founder of the group, Aret Madilyan, a native of Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles,California); at the time of founding the group he lived in the French village on the coast of La Manche (English Channel). Experience musical activities have Aretha had already been - for some time he was listed in an obscure new wave post-punk group `Wog`, speaking in Los Angeles. Madilyana first album was recorded in 1983;I helped him to work on a well-known musician and record producer, sound engineer Spot (Spot), the representative of the famous label `SST Records`.

The original lineup consisted of Aret Madilyan, French singer and keyboardist Valantin Beatrice (Beatrice Valantin) and the Armenian duduk player Madilyan Gerard (Gerard Madilian). Soon,the band released their first album, ` 00 / 1` ; after some time the group joined the Swedish Udarnitsa Borlingsson Mia (Mia Bjorlingsson). Later, the group added another participant; Duzyan Ara (Ara Duzian) and previously worked with the group members on their records.Music `Deleyaman` a formal category suitable extraordinarily bad -the musicians are doing from the heart, without looking at the standards, rules and regulations.

Various critics called `Deleyaman` darkwave and post-rock, post- gothic, and many other labels; fully art does not reflect the essence of one of them.Not least unusual for its style team must Madilyanu Gerard and his duduk -we can say without false modesty that `Deleyaman` - one of the few modern bands that use this unusual wind instrument. duduk sounds unusually organically combined with modern electronic instruments and singing Aretha and Beatrice; `kokteyl` resulting music is a hallmark of the group.

The first three albums `Deleyaman` -` 00 / 1` of 2001`Second` 2003 and` 3`, 2006 - came under the logo `TTO Records`; the last two albums - `Fourth, Part One` and` Fourth, Part Two` - recorded using `TTO Records` and North American Art Institute Naregatsi Art Institute. At the European area for the release of independent albums posted Portuguese label `Equilibrium Music`.The group continues to perform to this day, so that in the near future, it makes sense to expect new extraordinary album.

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