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This scandalous death metal from Florida team evolved from other metal bands "Amon", which existed in the late 80s. Then it played brothers guitarists Eric and Brian Hoffman and drummer Steve Esheym.

Later they were joined by Glen Benton (vocals, bass) - a man ,on his forehead which he was burned inverted cross. In concert, this type appeared in a flak jacket, and the scene in front of him ran bloody pig. Lyrics were a match for the name of the group ("Deicide" means deicide) . Not surprisingly, the enraged churchmen strongly fought against the concerts of these " messengers of Satan. "By 1990, in Benton and company on their hands already a couple of demos with which they managed to interest management "Roadrunner records", conclude with the "Deicide" contract.

After the release of the second album, "Legion", the band has developed its own particular circle of admirers, some of which are taken seriously all the nonsense ,that Glen Benton growled into the microphone.

DeicideTak, two teenagers from New Jersey hanged a dog, and when the court hearing the case went, they said, were under the impression that "Legion". However, " via Roadrunner " turned a blind eye to all these " troubles ", and decided to re-issue even demos gang called "Amon: Feasting The Beast".But a group of problems began when she was going on a European tour. In England, there were rumors that Benton abusing animals, and the British Society for the Protection brethren "Animal Militia" has made a statement that Glen will be sentenced to the death penalty, if appears on the shores of Albion.

The tour, however,It took place, and was interrupted only in Stockholm, where a club where the concert took place "Deicide", discovered a bomb.

DeicideKogda passions have died down a bit, the band began sessions for a new album, called "Once Upon The Cross". The band`s style has remained unchanged, as well as theme songs.Next creation team, "Serpents Of The Light" came into being in 1997, and the following year "Roadrunner" re-released their debut album "Deicide", after releasing a live album "When Satan Lives". After the release of "Insineratehymn" held global American tour group as headliners in a bundle with "Marduk","Gorguts" and "All out war". At the beginning of 2002, Glen Benton stayed for as a singer in "Vital remains" on the album "Dechristianize". A little later, "Deicide" once again acted as headliners, this time on the European tour in company with "Mystic circle" and "Centinex".

In the autumn of that year has expired a long-term contract with "Roadrunner",and entered into a new team - the English label "Earache".

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