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On a wave of nu- metal `90s" Deftones "attracted the attention of the American public, playing the opening act for such bands as" Korn "," Bad brains "and" White zombie ".

On "Deftones" wave of nu - metal `90s attracted the attention of the American public, playing the opening act for such bands as" Korn ","Bad brains" and "White zombie". The group was headed by Chino Moreno, nicknamed "Wong" (Camillo Wong Moreno), which attracted a hectic business school friends Stephen Carpenter (guitar), Chi Cheng (bass) and John Taylor (drums). The latter soon departed, and was replaced by Abe Cunningham from "Phallucy".The team has signed a contract with "Maverick", on which the debut album "Adrenaline" was published. Despite the support of major label with which videos were released "Bored" and " 7 Words", a special attention to this disc no one paid.

A breakthrough was made in 1997 with the release of the album "Around The Fur".Were very popular singles "My Own Summer" and "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)". Then followed a busy tour schedule, performance in the company with "Limp bizkit" and "Will haven", as well as participation in the festival "Vans Warped". In 1998, "Deftones" took part in the record tribute album "Depeche mode",offering his version of the song "To Have And To Hold".

The following year the team played with many celebrities, from "Pantera" and ending with "Black sabbath". Moreno also "stayed for" on the album solo project Tony Iommi "Iommi". During the next round Cheng injured his left leg and had to be temporarily replaced by Sergio Vega of "Quicksand".The trouble did not end, as on Valentines Day at the "Deftones" stole almost all of the equipment and some film. However, in the end, most of the stolen was returned. By the time the band`s third album, "White Pony", as always recorded with producer Terry Deyta composed was officially introduced DJ Frank Delgado. Perhaps because of this,or maybe because of what another plate style markedly different from previous releases.

Drive took third place in the charts "Billboard", and fans rushed to buy up happy "red" and "black" limited edition includes bonus tracks. Poland also enjoyed popularity practically crawling with ether singles "Change (In The House Of Flies)" and "Back TSchool ".When selling" White Pony "crossed the million mark" Deftones "went on tour next time as headliners, with the support of" Godsmack "and" Puddle of mudd ". It was greatly reduced summer tour in 2001 due to the fact that doctors discovered Moreno serious throat problems. In the future,almost all of the band members were involved in side projects. Cunningham was busy in his former "Phallucy", Moreno - in "Team sleep", which, incidentally, produced all the same Terry Deyta. Delgado took part in the hip- hop team "The codefendants", and Carpenter - in "Kush" and "Chimaira". In 2001 published a collection "Back to school",includes both live and studio recordings. Then "Deftones" went on tour, entitled "Back 2 School Tour" with "Taproot" and "Incubus".

"B2ST" was very successful, the group has toured many countries and cities. After a short break, the team continued their tour, but with "Linkin Park" all the same "Taproot". And soon after that,"Deftontsy" got "the Grammy" in the category "Best Metal Band".

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