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Along with the "Testament", "Forbidden", "Exodus" and the other group of "Defiance" belongs to thrash fraternity of San Francisco neighborhoods that arose in the 80s. The team was formed in 1985 by guitarist Brad Bowers and drummer Matt Vander Ende. Then they were joined by bassist Mike Kaufmann ,and the next year the team has another guitarist Doug Harrington. Male Vocalist in the team is not there, but the guys have tried to speak in public. For instance, they participated in an event called "Bloodbath", and then on stage with "Defiance" rose Paul Baloff of "Exodus".Shortly thereafter, the relationship between Harrington and Bowers strained to the limit, and in the summer of that year took place Doug Jim Adams. It`s only been five months since visiting Jim`s team, and he, too, had seriously quarreling with Brad. However, this time had to leave not a novice, and to Bowers.

DefianceSsory in the team stopped ,and the guys decided to return part of Doug Harrington. At the beginning of 1987, "Defiance" finally got the vocalist. He was an old school friend of Adams Mitch Mayes. In this configuration, the band played a series of concerts and recorded their first demo. Mitch then had disappeared, and the microphone went at the disposal of Ken Elkintona. With the new vocalist of the team recorded a second demo, "Hypothermia". The then manager of "Defiance" Ace

Cook (who worked part-time roadie in "Testament") took the film with him to Europe and there it spread to interested individuals.

Some of these people gave one copy to the "Roadrunner",and representatives of the company have offered the musicians a major contract (by as much as seven albums !) . The debut full-length, "Product of society", was released in 1989. After his appearance Ken discovered other interests, and he left the ranks of the "Defiance".

Defiance new frontman Steve became Eskuivel, izof which the group is often compared to steel "Testament" (very much his style of singing, and the image itself resembled Chuck Billy) . In 1990, the second LP, "Void terra firma" was recorded with him, in which musicians have included a cover of thrash ayronmeydonovskuyu "Killers". The album differs from its predecessor in producing unimportant. This is entirely due to the fact that everything about everything, including the mixing, the team was given only eighteen days. Work in 1992 "Beyond recognition" was the "Defiance" in the latest discography, despite the fact that contractual obligations remain unfulfilled.

After the release of Jim went to "Indica", and after it in "Laaz Rockit" Matt ran. Several months later, Adams returned to composition, but this time, unable to withstand the endless change of drummers, Steve was gone. New vocalist Dave White has become of the "Heathen", and percussion for Hugo sat Barientos. However, after only a few rehearsals of this composition it became clear that music is very different from what it was in "Defiance",and the sign was changed to "Inner threshold".

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