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Group "Defecation" was formed in the summer of 1987. The members of the gang came only two people - Mitch Harris (guitar, bass, vocals) of the "Righteous pigs" and Mick Harris (drums, vocals) from "Napalm death". Despite the same last name, the musicians were not relatives ,and. .. pen pals, and united by a love for their extreme music. In just two weeks, both Harris built the album, which includes more than a dozen pilot whales compositions.

Left on "Nuclear blast" drive "Purity Dilution" has become one of the most successful releases of the label. The album, a recognized classic grindkora ,It had an impact on many other teams underground. Mitch soon with Jesse Pintado from "Terrorizer" moved to England, where he joined the ranks of "Napalm death" and participated in the creation of the classic album "Harmony corruption".Defecation: Mick Harris is already at the new location Harris and Harris worked on the creation of the second disk "Defecation" tentatively titled "Intention surpassed". However, these twelve tracks of brutal noise, plan to enter the "Nuclear blast", and not published. Musicians try to move under the wing of "Earache",but then there were problems of a legal plan, since the company did not want to take myself to the group of related contracts with other labels. As a result, "Defecation" remained, as it were out of work. Then Mick panicked, fearing the difficulties encountered, and left the already small project.

Mitch is very angry with his colleague ,because I wanted to continue to write and record new material, but his thirst for work, he had to meet in another project, "Meathook seed". He then spun in a whirlpool called "Napalm death", in that while Mick contrary finally decided to break away from the group (he founded the "Scorn" project). Defecation: Mitch Harris then on "Defecation" forgotten, but after ten years of Mitch Harris remembered his former band decided to revive the sign. However, a colleague of his, he did not look for, rightly judging that could easily cope with the studio work alone. Only person,which he called for help to write a new album "Defecation" was the producer and his close friend Russ Rassels. "In the long tradition of " session "Intention surpassed" took only two weeks. During this time, Mitch has recorded all the guitar, bass, vocals and drums.

The resulting creation of extreme sports fans able to appreciate in 2003, when CDthe disc went on sale. The album, as well as could be expected, was a brutal grindkor made in the best traditions of the genre, and was only slightly diluted with elements of industrial.

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