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Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


Deep Dish - the legendary New York duo Aly and balls. The best DJ in the world.

Deep Dish are the most eccentric cross-cultural synthesis, which is as rare as their house - faceted sound. Shahram Ali and have an unusual distinctive feature : they were born in Iran, but are permanent residents in the United States. Arriving with his parents in the late `70s, Ali is an American citizen for 6 years. Shahram grew up in Iran under the regime of Islamic fundamentalism, then moved to Turkey and from there already in the US on a student visa. Deep Dish people lit their sound from 92 years old when they first appeared as a team. The first fruits of the creative union were singles : `Moods`,` Frequency`, `Prana`,` Sexy Dance`, `Elastic Reality Remix`, a well ` Penetrate Deeper` - Tribal album with the label. In 95 of their hard remix of Blaze in the style called tribal appearance singles De L`acy `Hideaway`, which broke out on the dance floor, introducing a completely new sound house. All this led to the emergence of new successful remixes, and they soon became superpopulyarnymi. In the same year they released their first album - `DJs Take Control`,followed by 96 followed by `Junk Science` and singles ` Stranded`, `Stay Gold` and ` Mohammed Is Jesus`, where Richard Morel of `Funny Sag1 performs vocals. Soon they threw all their forces out to seriously engage in DJing, mikshiruya and compiling the first part of the series is always relevant DJ mixes - `Yoshiesque`.Then came the Renaissance Ibiza CD mix, The Global Underground `Deep Dish in Moscow`, and the long-awaited second part of the ` Yoshiesque`.

In 2002 on the 10th anniversary of Deep Dish, planned a series of events and projects, as well as their new album is released. They are working on a second remix of Madonna`s `Impressive Instant`. " We were asked to do a remix of ` Muzik`,and then invited to DJ at her party Roseland Ballroom ".

Today, it is no exaggeration to call the creative duo Deep Dish most relevant house - artists of the world. In the summer of 2003, they again proved their star status, releasing for the label Global Underground compilation Toronto -one of the best-selling albums in the history of dance music.

In the first week after the release of release on June 10, 2003, a double album Global Underground # 25 : Toronto has won first place in the dance charts of Billboard. Even far from the electronic music magazine Rolling Stone has published an enthusiastic article on him. " None of di-dzhey in the world is not able to create a more emotional music, than the one that is obtained from the Washington-based duo Deep Dish ", - wrote in his review of the album columnist Barry Walters (Rolling Stone, June 12, 2003) .

In Russia, on the album sales volumes Toronto official data yet. But there is anecdotal. On the " pirate " Top crust disc will be available well before the official release. Commercial flair did not disappoint pirates - Today the newest compilation of Deep Dish is the most popular drive in the market. If these illegal circulation were taken into account, the Toronto would probably have become a " platinum " in Russia.

History of Deep Dish began in the fall of 1991,when a party in a Washington club met Ali "Dubfire" Shiraziniya and Sheram Tayeb. At the beginning of DJs had a lot in common. Firstly, they were both originally from Iran. Secondly, their musical tastes were surprisingly similar - Ali and Sheram adored mix their sets are incompatible. Therefore, two common language outside the box thinking DJs for a long time did not have to look for. Less than two hours, as new friends announced the formation of Deep Dish.

The duo quickly proved his artistic consistency and soon Deep Dish announced the main hope of the international house scene. Experts do not make a mistake - in 1995 their remix of the song was a hit Hideaway

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