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She was known as ` Dr. - montirovschik` major American film studios, and one of the greatest editors of auteur cinema. The most famous work of Allen - Installation of such classic films as ` Canine polden` ,` The Hustler`,` ` Bonnie and Krasnye` and Klayd`. During the years of career Dede worked with many film directors, including Arthur Penn, Sidney Lumet, Robert Wise, Elia Kazan and George Roy Hill. She also was a member of the Governing Council of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Dorothea Carothers ` Dede` Allen was born on 3 December 1923, in Cleveland ,Ohio, USA. In her obituary newspaper ` Los Angeles Tayms` mistakenly wrote that the birthplace of Allen - Cincinnati, Ohio. Dede `s mother was an actress, and his father worked for the oldest in the United States, chemical and polymer company `Union Carbide`.

Paving its way up,Allen has worked as a librarian and assistant sound editor film company `Columbia Pictures`. She worked mount commercials and industrial films before it became a full-fledged editor.

At 16 Dedepoluchila his first major task - to mount the film 1959 ` Betting zavtra`. She has worked in close contact and under the tutelage of director Robert Wise, who called Allen always be brave and experiment with the installation.

Typing is not much experience, Allen decided to go to the cinema on the way Dada might like Rene Clair in the beginning of his career. Either its irrational path was like on the road,which adhered to the representatives of the French New Wave. Whatever it was, the experimenter Dede first used in his work audiodublirovanie emotional and very sharp fader. All these stylistic tricks that add a kind of energy and giving the realism of the characters ,It was not part of the classical technique mount films in Hollywood.

Allen was married to film director Steven Flayshmenom. She died on the 17th and

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