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Year of birth : 2010

Age : 5 years

Citizenship : United States

Classic style and modern practicality`DecadesDenim` - American fashion label created by designer by Silver Cameron (Cameron Silver) and his business partner (and muse - inspirer) Angelica Souv (Angelique Soave).

The project `DecadesDenim` Silver created in the summer of 2010 ; originally, however, the project was named `Denim Trousseau`.Issued orders went to suppliers are literally in the blink of an eye ; inspired by the success of the Silver decided to develop such a successful company. By the spring of 2011 `Decades Denim` turned into a full-size label specializing in the manufacture of women`s clothing. On the progress of Silver, however, he is not going to stop - he said ,that in the future his work will become a fashionable brand of international level.

Dresses by Cameron Silver`s different incredible beauty and an equally incredible practicality. The inspiration for the creation of new models of `DecadesDenim` Cameron draws in the history of the world of fashion - which, it so happened, he knows just fine. Do not think ,Silver that specializes exclusively in the revival of retro models - Cameron is an experienced designer, able to process at once classic and modern fashion trends, creating a unique fusion.

Of course, for a long time the label `DecadesDenim` famous mostly retro clothes ; For some time, however,Silver working in a new style, letting the clothes in the style of modern American minimalism. The new approach has allowed the designer to greatly improve the usability and functionality of its products - in this case in no way lost glorified his style ;Cameron`s creations are equally well suited to an everyday t-shirts and shirts and jackets expensive designer couture. Creativity Cameron Silver`s already appreciate the many celebrities - like Jessica Alba (Jessica Alba) and Shiva Rose (Shiva Rose), Rose McGowan (Rose McGowan) and Rachel Griffiths (Rachel Griffiths),Lake Bell (Lake Bell) and Jennifer Morrison (Jennifer Morrison), Gillian Jacobs (Gillian Jacobs) and Debi Mazar (Debi Mazar), Ali Landry (Ali Landry) and Abigail Spencer (Abigail Spencer).

Of course, afford clothes from `DecadesDenim` can not only Hollywood stars - although, in fairness, it should be noted ,that some works prices still quite high.

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