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Citizenship: United States

Director General of "Carver Bancorp, Inc"

Do not think that `Carver` - just another player already pretty battered US banking arena; This organization is considered to be one of the biggest companies in its industry. The list of banks controlled by blacks and working in the United States, `Carver` undisputed leader in size. In total, the bank has $ 650 million of capital, 135 employees and 10 full-sized branches in different districts of New York.

Sama Deborah Wright `Carver` came in 1999. Success since Deborah achieved generously; it is possible to evaluate talent by examining the list of received her award during this time. In 2003, Wright was recognized as `Public banker goda` version` The American Banker`; in 2006, the `Black Enterprise Magazine` organization named Deborah` Financial Company goda`. In October 2010, the `US Banker` Deborah Wright included in the rating `of 25 most powerful women industrii` banking.

At the moment, Wright also listed on the board of directors of the companies `Time Warner`, `Voya Financial, Inc` and `Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center`.

Financial careers Wright began not with `Carver`; in the period from 1996 to 1999, she served as the first president and the general director of a large non-profit project of the Upper Manhattan. Here Deborah engaged in control of the annual operating budget of $ 3 million and capital budget of 250 million. Funds under the jurisdiction of Deborah received approximately the same amounts from the city treasury, the treasury of the state and federal level.

Earlier, from 1994 to 1996, Deborah Wright served as Commissioner of the Department of the City of conservation and development; at this stage in its jurisdiction were questions of tax policy review and development of control strategies and the transition of urban residential property in private hands. According to the project `Building Blocks`, about 40% of residential real estate has returned to the city to local entrepreneurs, non-profit developers and tenants. This decision, together with a number of tax reforms (such as the sale of tax liens) was officially approved by the legislature of the city and the state. Subsequently, the project was one of 10 prizes `Innovations in American Government `. This prize is considered to be `` the political analogue of Oscar award ``; to evaluate its importance can be, if you know that 10 prizes claimed a total of about 1,500 participants.

Wright was able to seriously improve the situation of private capital and various partnerships and to let the general budget and resources for the development program of affordable housing. At the time of leaving office giving directions Deborah budget of 800 million and managed a staff of 3,000 employees and 43,000 residential facility. According to project Wright was erected 21,000 units of affordable housing and sold 17,000 homes and buildings.

Deborah Wright previously held the position of the Steering Board of the construction of New York; appointed her here Mayor David Dinkins (David Dinkins). Dinkins also once gave Deborah position in the urban planning committee. Prior to that, Wright worked in the investment bank `First Boston` and the New York association.

Among the various projects in which Wright managed to take part before, should especially mention the project for the building of Lower Manhattan. It is the organization at the time had to recover and to rebuild Lower Manhattan after the tragic events of 11 September 2001,.

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