Deborah Bowen

Picture of Deborah Bowen

Age: 40

Citizenship: United Kingdom

sale diligent employee

`Sale professional and diligent worker `- wrote the 38-year-old Bowen in its announcement at the auction by ebay, as well as put in there and your resume.

Alas, no excitement among potential employers after the advertising has not happened - many took information Deborah as a joke, and did not recognize it as a cry for help.

Meanwhile, the state of affairs Deborah approach to crisis - lost previous job, she was faced with the problem of money, but also to the inability to find another decent job. Her house a couple of weeks it would cease to be, and cash nikakihistochnikov in the near future and to be seen. Deborah has consistently surpassed all recruitment agencies in its city of Gloucester (Gloucester) - alas, for her work and was not found.

Handing out leaflets on the streets Deborah did not want to - she considers herself a professional, and yet it has already become an alarming account. After wages 33,000 & # 163; it is difficult to settle for less, but honestly, offers the woman was not much, if any were.

6.6 & # 163; per hour - that she was offered a salary in a few places, and that this work was temporary, that also did not add unhappy unemployed women confidence in the future.

0.1 & # 163; - This is the starting price was set by Deborah on ebay, and one can only feel sorry for poor Deborah, who day by day see that even such drastic measures have had no effect. Enthusiasm waned from its ideas, when the end of the auction there are only a few days, and any bets still have not been.

Deborah admitted that she was ready to almost any regular job, and tried a little to praise himself and his communication skills, as well as a huge opytraboty in sales. Alas, unlucky, so unlucky - and the idea of ??the auction and Deborah did not bring the desired result.

`I do not need any handouts from the state - says Bowen. - I need a normal, full-time work `.

It is not known, worked there as a result of an ad Deborah at auction ebay and won Does it work - the whole situation was very bleak for her. In general, the idea is to sell yourself on the Internet today sounds more and more frequently - many desperate people are willing to offer themselves and their lives did not work out for the opportunity to change and fix chto-libo.