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Released in May 1987, the debut LP "Scream Bloody Gore" caused a sensation. He maythe first release in the history in the style of death metal. On the title track "Infernal Death" was dominated by motives of youth protest against society, against the hypocrisy that reigns in the world.

Many participants referred to the leader of the American band of Chuck Schuldiner father of death metal that deservedly. He founded in 1983 the team was called at first "Mantas". In addition to Chuck it included guitarist Rick Rozz and drummer Kam Lee. After some musicians changed the sign on the "Death". The band`s music was a very extreme version of trash that was its hallmark. The sound "Death" also felt the influence of "Venom" and "Slayer". In late 1984, the guys recorded a demo "Reign Of Terror",thanks to which "Death" gained a reputation as one of the most brutal groups. In the spring of 1985, first normal studio demo was recorded in order to provide different label. After that, the group began to change. Soon bassist took place Scott Carlson, led the team guitarist Matt Olivo. But,after some time of "Death" knocked Kam Lee, and a group for a long time could not find a suitable drummer. As a result, Scott and Matt Chuck left in splendid isolation.

After long tossing and experiments with other musicians Schuldiner in the company of a young drummer Chris Reyfertom decided to revive the "Death".After recording another demo group finally got a record deal with "Combat Records". Released in May 1987, the debut LP "Scream Bloody Gore" caused a sensation. He could have become the first release in the history in the style of death metal. On the title track "Infernal Death" was dominated by motives of youth protest against society ,the hypocrisy that reigns in the world.

"Scream Bloody Gore" has become not so much a public declaration of beliefs and principles, but rather filled with horror trip like that which make the readers, picking up the mystical fiction, or in spite of the cinema screen, trying to get away from the routine of existence. The album was a success ,but despite this Schuldiner I was not satisfied done. He dismissed this composition and returned to Florida. While the former partners Chuck - Rozz and Lee worked in the "Massacre". When Lee left there, Chuck dragged the remaining members of the team to his "Death". In this structure, the band recorded their famous album, "Leprosy",which was published in 1988. Musically, the disc was a big step forward. The title track was based on the events of John Carpenter`s movie "The Fog ," which focuses on a colony of people with leprosy. In 1989, after the European tour Rozz was expelled from the composition. At first, he was replaced by Paul Masvidal ,and then on the site of guitarist James Murphy has appeared. the best in the discography of "Death" - With the help of the album "Spiritual Healing" was released in early 1990.

Despite the desire for melody, the band has remained true to his aggressive style. Murphy vnesschy considerable contribution to the creation of this album immediately left the group ,and in its place appeared again Masvidal. In the same 1990 "Death" made a European tour without their leader, vocalist Luis Karrisalezom. The tour was very successful and an angry Chuck began dismantling his team, with the result that the sign "Death" was left for him. In 1991, he put together a new composition with the participation of bassist Steve DiGiorgio and drummer Sean Reinhart. In the role of guitarist again he left Masvidal. Engineering group increased significantly, which could be felt in the "Human" album. Before the subsequent tour DiGeorge left, and promptly replaced by Scott Carino. From the next disc breath of energy and dynamism, musically, he covered a wide spectrum from neo - progressive to complex metal compositions. Meanwhile, Schuldiner forged ahead hard work of "Individual Thought Patterns", it was the fifth release of "Death" on "Relativity" indie label. During this time the shock sat gene Hoagland (ex- "Dark Angel"),on second guitar played by Andy LaRocque and Giorgio he resumed his basuhu. Despite the ongoing change of the composition group recorded albums, enjoyed stable demand. Eight years after the appearance on the stage "Death" does not slow down "Symbolic" firing. In 1998, "Death" left the "Roadrunner" on "Nuclear Blast",releasing it "Sound of Perseverance". The recording of this album was attended by guitarist Shannon Hamm, and drummer Richard Christy.

After recording "Symbolic" Chuck took up side projects that have little to do with children, but "The Sound. .." was recorded in the same spirit that could not fail to please the fans. In 1999, Schuldiner discovered a brain tumor ,in connection with which it has suspended its operations. However, after some time, he found the strength to work and the team released the live album "Live In L.A. (Death & Raw)". But the December 13, 2001 Death gave the name of his group caught up with Chuck and "Death" as the group ceased to exist.

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