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History of Death Cab for Cutie was formed on the principle of " slow and steady wins -on going " From amateur home tape recorder and cassettes from deep underground alternative, on the circulation of several hundred discs -. to solid contracts, international tours and the first lines of the charts.

Indie rock and indie pop graceful patterns, an alternative pop-rock and dream pop - musicians cleverly otschelkali these nuts,She won the title of the most successful indie rock band America over the past decade.

Death Cab for Cutie began as a solo project of vocalist and guitarist Ben Gibbard (Ben Gibbard), a resident of Bellingham, Washington. Even sitting out boring hours at a desk in college, Gibbard dreamed of a career in music. However,not so much of a career with all its external splendor, much of the occupation favorite thing. His first songwriting attempts (first assembled at home) he published under the name All-Time Quarterback. Greater response, his work has not received, except for cassette "You Can Play These Songs` Chords",which gained some notoriety in the underground circles. Even minimal public attention to its very modest person encouraged Ben Gibbard. He decided that he would no longer act alone, and took the choice of musicians.In 1997, under the banner of Death Cab for Cutie united guitarist and organist Christopher Walla (Christopher Walla), which has helped Ben in his early attempts, bassist Nick Harmer (Nick Harmer) and drummer Nathan Good (Nathan Good). The name for your team, Ben borrowed from a song performed in the 60s British rockgroup The Bonzo Dog Band. Long months of rehearsals, the conquest of sympathy of young music lovers, a few weeks in the studio - and the summer of 1998 the band released their debut album "Something About Airplanes". Invaluable support Gibbard had Christopher Walla, actively proved himself as a composer, and as a producer and as an arranger. A couple Ben and he put together a strong pop album, dynamic, melodic, with a strong rock element, excellent vocal harmonies and nice arrangements, which have been used flute, cello and synthesizers.

Following the principles of indie rock, the team published on the independent label of Barsuk ,but even far from the loudest campaign (to put it simply, its absence - no singles or videos, or on the radio) has not prevented the group to buy enough devoted fans. The head of the label Barsuk Josh Rosenfeld (Josh Rosenfeld) showed a truly paternal generosity, taking care of the team deliberately non-commercial style." Josh is always wonderful treated us - recalled Ben in an interview -. I remember many years ago, we were discussing how many copies of " Airplanes " print We thought, enough for 500, Josh was sure that we can easily sell a thousand. ". In fact, they sold much more, but no one except the management of Barsuk, they did not believe. When at the beginning of 2000, the team plunged into the studio work and the finish line was at hand, Nathan Hood suddenly said goodbye to colleagues. For the drum kit was replaced by Michael Skorri (Michael Schorr), suggests the latter gloss on Long-play "We Have the Facts and We`re Voting Yes" (2000). This collection of emotional ,exciting songs sounded fresh and exciting. Knowing how to be loud and soft, violent and peaceful, Death Cab for Cutie have created a great guitar album in a mixed style "post - dream- indie - pop-rock. "

For the second album was followed by "Forbidden Love" mini- disc that included the songs on conceptual considerations were not included in the Long-play. Not shelving, third studio album, "The Photo Album" DCFC released in 2001. A touching, full of dramatic melodies recorded on heat, perhaps inferior to the previous work, but it was a very confident, sincere, intelligent plate. Slow,but steadily growing audience group ensured album landing in the Top 20 independent US rating. I contributed to this and the first in the career of the group video for the single "A Movie Script Ending", which appeared only in the fifth year of existence of the group.In early 2003, in the ranks of Death Cab for Cutie, a new drummer Jason Makgerr (Jason McGerr), who participated in the sessions in which the disc "Transatlanticism" (2003) was born. This first-class album forced to pay attention to the team, even those who stubbornly ignored their past five years. Critics began to title the DCFC only as " underground sensation ", emphasizing the exquisite compositional techniques, producing an amazing, creative scope and rock drive. " Recording of rare beauty and shrillness ", - summed up the responses of reviewers "Transatlanticism".And commercially group strengthened : a circulation of 250 thousand discs in the indie - rock commune - a very respectable figure.

During the next round (as they are every year becoming a large-scale and duration) Death Cab for Cutie took advantage of the first pause to record some new songs. Tracks were published in early 2005 on "The John Byrd E.P." mini- disk, named after touring sound engineer John Beard Team (John Byrd). As part of the tour group held part of the American tour is not opening for Blink- 182, but a number of concerts had to be canceled due to illness frontman. At this point, Death Cab for Cutie has reached such a status on the musical horizon of America, when the attention of the major record companies have been inevitable. To catch the team in their networks before others succeeded Atlantic label. Going to the next level is very excited fans Death Cab for Cutie, charges a renegade - the weakest ,which usually can be heard in such cases. However, in the buying activity this step group if affected, the most positive way : "Plan" the group `s fifth album instantly became the best selling in their career, broke up in the first week of 90000th edition and starting from the 4th position American charts. The album is in many ways the best - a large-scale sound, colorful paint, passion and uncompromising.

For musicians on the move meant a new label to the international market ,touring across the Atlantic (almost all concerts in 2005 were held with full houses) and last but not least gain the widest possible audience through MTV: for the first time in the biography of the team clip on the excellent single "Soul Meets Body" was a solid rotation in the air most hyped music channel. Debut on MTV was more than successful - Death Cab for Cutie is not only rapidly increased sales figures, but without any special effort made massive attention both ordinary music lovers and professionals. Death Cab for Cutie were declared winners at the awards ceremony MTVU Best Video Woodie (selection of students of American universities) in the category " live action " (videos featuring real people) . Such an honor awarded clip "Title and Registration".In late 2005, the band were among the nominees for the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Album ("Plan"). In company with the White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand, Arcade Fire and Beck. ..

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