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This team of SanFrancisco besides the music is notable for the fact that it was founded almost children. After all, at the time of the creation of "Death angel" her youngest participant was not even ten years. It happened in California in the early `80s, when the trash in those regions has been on the rise. The group consisted of five children of Filipino origin : Mark Osegueda (vocals) , Rob Kavestani (guitar) , Gus Pepa (guitar) , Dennis Pepa (bass) and Andy Galeon (drums) . Despite his young age, the boys made a pretty good music, and they have an interest in Kirk Hammett ("Metallica") in 1986.

Is he-even helped "Death angel" co-produce the first demo, "Kill as one". With this recording the group drew attention to the label "Enigma records", and already in 1987 " Angels of Death" released their first album, "The ultra violence". The album received good reviews in the press, and 40,000 copies were sold in the first four months.Death angelVtoruyu attempt to "Death angel" conquer peaks of musical took in 1988, releasing a killer drive "Frolic through the park". While the song "Bored" from that album raced on MTV`s "Headbanger`s ball", the group made a sortie in England, where he acted as the opening act for "Motorhead"

.Meanwhile, the emergence of the team on television attracted the interest of the majors, and the team soon received a contract from "Geffen records". Thus "Death angel" became one of the first groups of the direction signed by a solid firm. Cooperation with the "Geffen" musicians went to the benefit of, and in 1990 they issued an album "Act III",recognized by many classic thrash.

By the time the status of the team rose quite high, and it is easily performed at such legendary venues as the "The Warfield Theater" in San Francisco, "The Ritz" in New York and "Hammersmith Odeon" in London. But a special delight "Death angel" called in Japan, where all the group`s concerts were sold out. Death angelVse ended in a moment. When the band went on the Arizona desert, their tour bus overturned. Almost all were injured, but most of all suffered Andy Galeon. In order to bounce back it took him about two years. During this time the ranks of the " angels " left Osegueda, who moved to New York and kakoy-the period tied to the music business. The remaining team members have formed a new project, "The Organization". Under this guise, they recorded a couple of albums and a long wound on Europe and America. In 1995, "Organization" have broken up, and then the musicians met in various other projects : "The Past" (Rob, Andy, Dennis, Gus) , "Big Shrimp" (DennisAndy) , "Smokestack" (Rob, Andy) , "Silver circus" (Mark) , "Swarm" (Rob, Andy and Mark) .

All together former colleagues gathered in 2001, when we took part in a charity concert "Thrash of titans", the collection of which went to the treatment of cancer frontman "Testament" Chuck Billy.Following this presentation, "Death angel" received a lot of invitations, and they had no choice but to finally reunite. Since then, the team conducted a series of successful tours, and in the spring of 2004 has pleased fans of the new album.

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