Dean Dean Baker

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Date of Birth: 07/13/1958

Age: 58

Citizenship: United States


In 1996 Baker published weekly on-line comments on the economic reports. `Economic Reporting Review` published from 1996 to 2006, and then Baker`s comments` pereehali` in his blog `Beat The Press`, first appeared in the monthly magazine` The American Prospect`, and now are on the CEPR website. It is often cited in economic materials major newspapers and television stations, including the `New York Times`,` New York Daily News`, `Washington Post`,` Atlantic Monthly`, `London Financial Times`, CNN, CNBC and National Public Radio. He has a weekly column in the British `Guardian Unlimited`,` Huffington Post` and `Truthout`.

Dean Baker was born July 13, 1958. In 1981, he graduated with a bachelor`s degree Svortmorsky College (Swarthmore College) in Pennsylvania, in 1983 received a master`s degree from the University of Denver (University of Denver) and a doctorate in economics from the University of Michigan (University of Michigan), writing a thesis on consumption theory. He argues that the consumption analysis requires classification of objects that can not be made with the help of the physical characteristics only. Can be used names of objects, such as a chair, but these names are to be understood as the designation of the social functions of the object, for example, use a chair to sit on it. The people and have a preference for the use of facilities. This is at odds with the theory of consumption, which makes no assumptions about how people define the usefulness of the objects.

While studying at Michigan Baker twice participated in the sit-ins, protests against Republican Charles Purcell (Carl Pursell), voted for military aid to the Nicaraguan Contras, and was even arrested. In 1986, Baker won Donald Grimes (Donald Grimes) in the primary elections of the Democratic Party and tried to speak out against Purcell for election to Congress from the second congressional district of Michigan, but to no avail.

Prior to 1999 he co-founded the Center for Economic and Policy Research, Baker was a senior economist in the Economic Policy Institute (Economic Policy Institute) and served as an assistant professor of economics at the University of Bucknell (Bucknell University) in Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania). He also worked as a consultant of the World Bank (World Bank), the Joint Economic Committee of the US Congress (Joint Economic Committee of the US Congress) and the Trade Union Advisory Council of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD).

Based on the analysis of the ratio of `home-tsena` data provided by the US government and an economist at Yale University (Yale University), Robert Schiller (Robert Shiller), Baker was one of the first economists, who claimed in 2002, long before the the process has reached its peak in 2005, that the housing bubble in the US burst and lead to a recession. He criticized the legal framework in the field of real estate and the financial industry, the use of such financial instruments such as debt securities, as well as the incompetence and conflict of interest of US politicians like former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson (Henry Paulson).

Dean Baker has written several books, the latest of which, `Taking economy vserez` (Taking Economics Seriously), said that the company could win a lot, abandoning the ideological blinders of basic economic principles. `Fake Book Profit: Economic recovery soap puzyrya` (False Profits: Recovering from the Bubble Economy) tells about what caused the current economic crisis and how to fix it. In 2009, he published `Robbery and miss: The rise and fall of the economy soap puzyrya` (Plunder and Blunder: The Rise and Fall of The Bubble Economy), which describes the growth and collapse of the stock market and explained how the mistakes and greed of politicians led to catastrophic but predictable consequences.

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